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On July 18 we celebrated Mandela Day by collecting plastic waste from Hout Bay beach. The 67 Minutes for Mandela was inspired by the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world, and the ability to make an impact.

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The oceans give us life. We give them plastic.

4 August 21

From Parley South Africa & Sentinel Ocean Alliance: From the rivers and warm Indian Ocean of Durban, to the icy South Atlantic of Cape Town, Parley SA are tackling ocean pollution on two major fronts; through the interception of plastic within the rivers around South Africa and through the Parley AIR School model, which form a co-ordinated approach at addressing this multifaceted problem. Parley South Africa’s teams and ambassadors work to educate, inspire, create opportunities and intercept plastic pollution before it reaches the ocean.

Parley recognises that marine plastic pollution is not just a coastal crisis.  The Litterboom Project, in partnership with Parley, is venturing upstream along the heavily polluted South African river systems, such as the mighty Umgeni River in Durban, and collecting tons of plastic waste before it reaches the oceans.

In order to change mindsets and behaviours, and uplift and empower local communities, Parley and Sentinel Ocean Alliance, have established the first permanent Parley Ocean School in Hout Bay, Cape Town. Sentinel Ocean Alliance offers immersive and engaging programmes to youth from underprivileged coastal communities at the Parley Ocean School, where they can learn about the marine environment, how we are all connected to the oceans, the threats the oceans are facing, and what we can do to save them.

Sentinel Ocean Alliance 

“South Africa is one of the most divided countries in the world when it comes to wealth and education. Our focus is to educate, create opportunities and raise awareness around marine plastic pollution. Together as a community we can make an impact.” 

– Frank Solomon, big wave surfer and founder of Parley South Africa and Sentinel Ocean Alliance 

Parley South Africa and Sentinel Ocean Alliance collaborated to open the first permanent Parley Ocean Schoolin Hout Bay, Cape Town in December 2020. The forty-foot educational container now hosts in-depth ocean education sessions dedicated to deepening a physical, scientific and cultural understanding of the marine environment, with the aim of making a tangible impact on the future health of our oceans. 

Approximately 300 children from underprivileged coastal communities attend the various programmes at SOA each week to learn about the marine environment, the threats the oceans are facing, and the ways in which we can protect them.  Sentinel Ocean Alliance also emphasises the spiritual connection between humans and the ocean and strengthens this connection and love for the ocean through their ocean immersion and swimming programme, Turn The Tide. 

Through educating and empowering the youth through their programmes, SOA’s aim is to change the trajectory of the lives of the children who take part in them, inspire marine conservation and empower its next generation of leaders.


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