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9 June 21

10 minute mini-movie featuring Kassia Meador, Jonah Reimers, Grant Hilling, Saxon Wilson and Ryan Conklin at Malibu.

Animation is by Will Solly, and the soundtrack/soundscape is by Nicola Conte, KACEbeats, Col. Kilgore, and TJ Thran.

Filming and editing is by TJ Thran.

After “working on this for a few years,” TJ dropped this on World Oceans Day, saying: “Imagine you just sat through hours of traffic in the blazing Southern California sun in your vehicle that is older than you are. You are parched, stoking, and getting a bit antsy to get in the water and catch some perfect rights. As you pull around the pier you see it: a perfect line of corduroy just appearing out the back. Your eyes keep moving back and forth from the street to the parking lot and back to the ocean. It's packed. It looks like you might not be able to get a spot. Just as you are about to drive past the lot and make a U'ey you see a BMW pulling out of their spot. Your heart starts racing. The departure of that M-series signals one less kook in the already packed lineup and a parking spot right next to your homies who are taking a mid-morning doob-break. You let out a fully shameless and fully audible hoot. Your excitement is getting harder to contain. You pull into the spot, smiles on your friends faces. You made it to the motherland of logging... First Point, Malibu, California. It's time to have some fun.”


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