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Volume 21 No 2

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The NSW coast between Crescent Head and Byron Bay is easily my favourite part of Australia. Dotted with picturesque towns and villages, most with good or great surf, there’d be plenty of candidates for a surfing Sea Change series, not that any of the lucky residents want any more attention. Ricky Forsyth is one of those lucky ones and fortunately for all of us, is a fantastic photographer. 

Ricky gives us a picture of what living in one of these beach towns is really like. Groms, girls, families, mentors and standouts of all ages feature in what we reckon is one of our most enjoyable articles for some time. He doesn’t name the town but if you guess then Secret Santa!


The sub heading is “every wave different” and the photos by PLB regular Andrea Coleman are the proof. Andy has got to be one of the most stylish and photogenic longboarders around and in Andrea’s words, “a gift to traditional surfing and a filmmakers wet dream”!


James Parry, the lad from Sennen, has come a long way as this portfolio of his work shows. Cornwall, Mexico, Madagascar, California, Oz, Hawaii - he’s been there and shot. An exceptional longboarder himself, James has a great eye for the angle and the action shot. Currently on an extended tour around Australia, he’s immersed in the surfer/photographer lifestyle and hopefully we’ll see some more of his work soon. Skippy on the nose maybe.


One of the greatest compliments a shaper can get is when an all-time great surfer, well known for his own shapes, chooses him to make a special board. So Darren Burge was suitably chuffed when he got the call from Nat Young! This is Darren’s story of the board that resulted together with an insight into both men and how they, and the board, came together.


So says the heading but in many ways our ordinary guy Peter Coleman is not so ordinary. Sixty seven now and surfing since he was a ten-year-old, Peter might be an ordinary surfer but is doing some extraordinary things and is a great inspiration to those of us thinking about, approaching or experiencing retirement. This little essay covers his background and features a recent trip to Lombok.



Four pages of insane shots of hot young surfers at Waikiki.


Emily Lethbridge finished school this year and has big plans around continuing her competitive efforts plus plenty of travel and sometimes both at once! Of course!


The suppository of all surfing knowledge, the GG gives us the heads-up on surf etiquette and his interpretation of the Surfers Code.


If the drums are beating, the eager beavers here in the PLB bunker are busily translating so you get all the goss. Board winner, classic old photos, postcards from all over, wonderful and inspirational people, a contest or two.


Seriously folks we even reckon our ads are worth the cover price. Beautiful people, surfboards that have never looked so good, and other products you can’t possibly live without.

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