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PLB Gift Subscription (8 Issues)

$76.00 (AUD)

When you give someone a PLB Subscription, they not only receive a great read . . . they also get a shot at winning a top-end longboard . . . every issue!*

Subscribe & WIN the Clayton Surfboards “Dedicated Noserider”*

Born and bred in Gerringong (Mick Cronin country) on the NSW South Coast, Clayton Bell says he grew up a hard-core shortboarder until one fateful day 13 years ago he had a go on his mate’s longboard. “I hadn’t known any better to be honest, Gerringong was a high performance shortboard town, and it still is really. But I fell in love with that borrowed longboard first wave and I haven’t ridden a shortboard thruster since!”

Clayton has been shaping, glassing and sanding under his own label for around eight years - longboards, mids and fish.

“The Dedicated Noserider is a California-inspired stable platform with parallel rails and a deep long blended concave and 50/50 rails. Along with maximum time on the nose it’ll pivot turn, and trim, and it’s just a classic ride.”

*Australian residents only.

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