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PLB Gift Subscription (4 Issues)

$40.00 (AUD)

When you give someone a PLB Subscription, they not only receive a great read . . . they also get a shot at winning a top-end longboard . . . every issue!*

Subscribe & WIN the the Carabine Shakey Modern Log*

After 52 years of building surfboards of all sorts in Wollongong, the Carabine label runs deep in the DNA of South Coast surfing. Family and community based, it was kicked-off in 1969 by glasser Mick “The Pom” Carabine, a standout Australian surfer of the ’60s longboard era. 

Terry “Snake” Bishop was the original shaper, and along with innovative boards for PT, Occy, Cairns, Horan, Banks and others, he’s crafted countless shapes for everyday surfers over the decades - and he’s still hands-on at Carabine today.

In 2011 Mick sold the business to Shane Hornby, a hot local who’d grown up hanging around the factory and who was determined to keep the integrity of the label intact. “We’ve got some of the best locals on longboards and short, but I get off on anyone being stoked on our boards - good surfer, ordinary surfer, doesn’t matter. Life’s too short to surf shit boards!”

“The Shakey is a modern log and well-balanced in every sense and it’s easy to turn when you need it - classic lines, hard arcs and easy noserides.” 
Custom from 9’0” to 9’10”– and some Aussie PLB subscriber will own a Shakey by next issue!


*Australian residents only.


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