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Kevin Lovett takes us on a deep then-and-now look at Nias, the renowned surf destination. Kevin and his friend John Giesel discovered the place in 1975, and ever the deep thinker, he ponders the changes such surf discoveries and subsequent surf tourism have made there and elsewhere and what it means to us as a society which is hopefully moving into a more sustainable future. Really an engrossing and thought-provoking read. 



Perfect small peelers, 26 degree water and massive crowds on the Goldie points right now, definitely not the “hidden corner” UK photographer James Elliott was after when he and some mates looked to avoid the “crowds” during a brutal Cornish winter. Yep, there are secret spots everywhere, and James, his mates, and lots of rubber found a few and put on a show for your photographic enjoyment. Big boys on big boards!



Back in the swinging 60s there was no bigger name in the US surf industry than the ever-innovative Morey-Pope. Randy Rarick was right there in the middle of it and brings us his take on this mercurial operation that produced many trailblazing models like the Penetrator and the Contender, organised some of the first professional contests and came up with quirky products like Slipcheck which had a fascinating back story. A must for history buffs and boomers who are still upright.



Organiser Glenn Barry came up with the idea of this single-fins-only contest “as a way of celebrating longboarding’s elegance, style and beauty” and with Point Impossible turning it on they came from far and wide including many not seen in comps for a while. Nathan Rivalland tells the story, while photographer Nick Didge fought the rip but still got some ripping shots.



First Point wasn’t perfect but there were still beautiful longboard waves pouring in there for most of the comp, inspiring the Grey Guru to pen his first synopsis for us in some time. Naturally his take is typically off with the fairies somewhat but the photographic evidence from Melissa Hoareau totally nails the froth and bubble of this week-long celebration of the best of longboarding.



The place where we had our first surf really stays with us in different ways and so it was for renowned Portuguese stylist Eurico “Kiko” Romaguera who still has a deep connection to the spot he calls his “happy place”. Great photos by Sebastian Keim.



Noserides, slashing turns, big waves and small – 10 pages of exceptional photos of longboarding from all round the world.




Mal Sutherland on the lost reef break at Kirra. Surfer Zach is a 23-year-old with Down Syndrome. Flashback - The Meyerhoffer at the 2009 Noosa Fest. Go Left for Larry: the annual memorial for Larry Gordon - a pancake breakfast at Tourmaline. High Line Surf Fest – a one-day celebration of women and non-binary surfers of all ages. The 102nd PLB Board Winner: Dave Maxwell wins the 103rd the Oceanside 9’3” Blunt.


A renowned short and longboarder from Sandy Bay Northland NZ, Wini Paul followed her mum into the surfing lifestyle and is now a mum herself learning to enjoy watching others in the waves while pushing the pram on the beach. In between nailing a few of course.


The new Piglet Model from Carabine – designed by Aidan Cashin and shaped by guru Terry “The Snake” Bishop who’s been shaping at Carabine since 1969 – and some Aussie PLB mag subscriber is going to own it by next issue! Our board giveaway 103!


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