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Issue No 114

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In The Seedling, Sprout and The Present moviemaker Thomas Campbell not only captured the emerging surf counterculture, he also, possibly unconsciously, pointed the way forward for the majority of the longboarding community. That was back in the first decade of the new century and now in its third he’s releasing a new movie called Yi-Wo. With A-list surfers headed by Joel, Jared, Karina etc, there’s Costa Rica, Cloudbreak, Morocco, Indo and more. JB interviews Thomas at length about what it’s all about. And we have the photos.


And a Surf Film Called Yama. Regular contributor, surfer, activist and general adventurer Lucy Small, wanted to add moviemaker to her already impressive CV and in British filmmaker Maddie Meddings she found the perfect partner. With funding from Project Blank to do a film project about gender and surfing they headed to Ghana to meet up with Sandy Alibo, a local dedicated to building a boardsports ecosystem in Ghana. Lucy writes about the trip there and Maddie took the shots.


26-year-old Josh Williams first stood up on a board only six years ago but he’s already a standout wherever he goes which is now usually his homebreaks on the Mid North Coast of NSW. With a “surfing first” philosophy Josh has created a pretty good work/life balance and has been a target of ace photographer Daniel Gschwind for some time. Daniel contributes some of his best shots of Josh on a classic morning with a profile of the man himself.


The rise, fall and rise again of an historic surf town in South Africa comes to us from Alan van Gysen. Alan’s the guy the surf mags call when the pros come to town but here he covers the topsy-turvy history of Muizenberg, his home town where surfing kicked off in the other “down under”. Booms, busts, celebrities – it’s all here including a guest appearance by Agatha Christie, one of the early surf tourists. Yes, that one!


A selection of the best of Hawaii over the past year. From gliding on tiny peelers to maxing Waimea and plenty in between.



The best photos by the best photographers since the last issue. But this is definitely one of the best ever. Inspirational!


The Atlantics are still going - and well. Surfer magazine is gone but there’s a book. Question: is your board 9ft or 274cm? Ricky Grigg and wave action. Kevin “The Head”. And so much more.


Beatrice Conroy from Point Lonsdale started on shortboards but “graduated” to long and now is a standout locally and in international comps.


As the Guru starts to look at adding another G to the moniker in the form of geriatric, he finds himself thinking about surfing more than actually doing it. And what could be more mindbending than trying to make sense of the various surf reports and weather patterns available on the internet.


Yes, that really is 99 top-end longboards. This issue it’s a Carabine “Shakey” modern log no less :)


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