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Issue No 111

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We can have all the surf forecasts in the world but if the sand is not arranged ideally the result can be a very disappointing trip to the beach. Mike Lay reflects on a day it all came together on a rare sandbank at a wayward beach on Achill Island at the western-most point of Europe. Wonderful photos by Matthew Ham of this very different coastline with some perfect small waves.


The Australian coastline is certainly a many splendored thing as shown in this 12-page spread. We might have had some of the worst weather ever but throughout, waves broke, surfers surfed and photographers shot. If you wanted to show someone who’s never been here what the beaches and surf conditions on the east coast of Oz were like, this collection would certainly do the job maate. The editor has also sprinkled some very clever and useful quotes here and there to give it some extra sparkle.


Gail won 10 Bells Beach Titles starting in 1964, five Australian Titles and 13 Victorian Titles as well as representing Australia at a number of World Titles. She’s definitely one of the most important figures in the history of Australian surfing but is not all that well known mainly because she’s generally kept a pretty low profile and also because photographers back then were reluctant to shoot the women’s events. Ian Lording takes us through Gail’s career illustrated by many photos from her personal scrapbook.


Freezing Mid-Winter New England With snow on the ground and icicles on the hood of his wetsuit, Neal Campbell answers the question “how cold is too cold?” by paddling out even when it’s minus 27 Celsius! Mad? Maybe, but at least it was uncrowded. After reading this and checking the photos you’ll never whinge about the cold again.


Old Boards, No Cords “A celebration of great waves, vintage boards, and historic clubs meeting for an event full of aloha and good vibes,” is how Beth Gregg describes the annual Santa Cruz Logjam!, the longest running classic surfboard event in the world. The sun shone, the waves were generally well overhead at Pleasure Point, there were winners but noone was a loser.



The best photos of the best longboarding from all corners of the earth.


The WSL with Lucy Small: Noosa Fest 2022 with Rodney Dale. The board and Barz winners.


Anna Jalasti was born and raised in Finland but now lives and surfs in Coolangatta. A snowboarder with her homeland’s national team, she quickly transferred her skills to surfing. 


After a lifetime of focus on the ocean the GG decides to check out things slightly inland so he jumps on an electric bike and gets up to his usual mischief.


Clarke Little puts himself seriously in harm’s way, think Waimea shorebreak, to photograph the dying seconds of large tubing waves. He’s featured in National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institute but now he’s published a book of his photos with some words by Jamie Brisick. Camo reviews and shows some amazing examples of Clark’s work which is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Yes, that really is 96 top-end longboard. This issue it’s a Sugar Mountain, hand-made start-to-finish by Victorian master craftsman Jordan Nobel – an all-round A-class Australian log :)

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