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Issue No 100

Wow 100 issues and still counting! But you probably already knew that if you’ve been watching our socials over the last week or so. Congratulations to everyone involved including all the PLB crew but particularly to the editor JB who purposely keeps a very low profile unless he’s dying on a Hawaiian beach! He’s the heart and soul of the whole show and since being joined by wife Sharon and the work experience cats has kept the mag fresh, innovative and topical in the face of many industry headwinds.



JB and the editorial staff made an early commitment to even up the gender balance given surf mags generally had a pretty blokey approach. And it wasn’t some PC thing either, the girls were starting to take up more positions in the line-ups and attracting attention for stylish flowing moves fitting perfectly with the growing logging trend. Tully White, emerging on the WSL scene, is equally at home on logs or tri-fins and just loves to surf. Lucy Small, one of our very favourite writers, brings us Tully’s story.


A perfect mechanical empty left on a remote island in Asia with only intermittent transport and basic facilities? Maybe, but when he discovered actual photographic evidence, Jimmy O’Keefe just had to go! It only went downhill from the first day when he came off his motorbike. A nightmare trip and medical aftermath and Jimmy didn’t even get to see the wave! JO’K is another of our all-time favourite writers, and this is a hell of a story.


A Chapter from Nat Young’s Church of the Open Sky
In the late ’60s Nat checks Bunker Speckles on the red spaceship on Kauai, the first board he had seen with low rails. Here he recalls the innovation at the time and those who were the pioneers of this particular breakthrough. All the big names make an appearance, Brewer, Lopez, Abellira, Paull, Greenough and more.


To mark the 100th PLB the ed figured he’d pick a selection of the most memorable photos published over that time so he very scientifically put all the mags on the office floor open at the appropriate page then with the help of the three work experience cats stuck a pin in enough to fill 12 fabulous pages. Memories!


Appropriate too that this issue features the 50th anniversary of the successful and enduring Wollongong institution. Sean Jarratt talks to founder Mick Carabine, current owner Shane Hornby and veteran shaper Terry Bishop for the lowdown on the changes the boys have seen over the years and the secret to the ongoing success of the business.



Florida to the Philippines, Mexico, California, Brazil, Oahu, Oz - big bold images to blow a surfer’s mind.


Haley Otto from Waikiki is only 15 and already competing in WSL events and travelling to Oz, Mexico, Malibu and Huntington Beach.


There’s the full list of the 82 boards we’ve given away over the years. Unbelievable! Surfing in Austria! The final Magoo, plus heaps of weird and wonderful info from around the universe.


Camo checks Murray Walding’s The Last Dance described by Camo as “tracking Murray’s own journey through his teens and into adulthood through a unique memoir of dancehalls and nightclubs!” Given the place and time was the Victoria’s Surf Coast in the ’60s and ’70s it’s very colourful -  even though the photos are mostly black and white!


Seriously, we even reckon our ads are worth the cover price – beautiful people, travel, and surfboards that have never looked so good. Some of our advertisers have been with us forever, others are pretty new, and we’re pleased to report that all are straight-up, surf loving outfits - the real deal.

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