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Crystal Voyager

$32.95 (AUD)

Remastered DVD Release.

Filmed and Edited by George Greenough.

In 1972 Crystal Voyager took us on a surreal journey deep inside the vortex of huge breaking waves where time enters a space, a zone of its own. The film became a cult hit throughout the world.

Perspectives flatten a seascape into a field of ploughed up furrows. Slow motion reveals the multitudinous beauties of sea water. Sometimes a wide angled lens distorts the horizons curvature; the world becomes a green ball you can throw up and catch.

The last 25 minutes is an almost unbroken underwater trip of a thousand translucent tints, accompanied by the electronic music of Pink Floyd pinging out of infinity like an echo sounder. To see it stone cold sober on a wintry morning is exhilarating. To see it "stoned" as I guess some surf freaks have, must be out of this world." - Alexander Walker, London Evening Standard.

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