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World’s longest-running single fin event turns 40

27 November 19

In 1980 longboards had only just started to make a comeback in Australia after disappearing for a decade following the shortboard revolution of the late ’60s. Clubs were beginning to spring up all over the east coast and in SA and WA, and the Byron Bay Malibu Club was among the very first to throw out an invite to all comers to come and visit and to surf in their “Classic”. Their only stipulation was your board could only have one fin.

And April 2020 will see their 40th annual gathering – and with it, a fair claim of being the world’s longest running continuous single-fin event. (If you know of one that tops it please let us know.)

It will run 15 divisions total, including all the age splits, old mals, and the “Big Boys” division for the beer-lovin’ pie-eaters over 100kg.

And they employ paid judges! Yes you don’t have to judge two heats before you surf. Sheer luxury! 

To run from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 April – and it will be one very special birthday weekend.

Entry forms will be up on the PLB website here from November 28.

 Accommodation enquiries: Club Byron 02 6685 6202 or here  


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