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Image 1 for Whopping octopus out strolling Wategos

Whopping octopus out strolling Wategos

30 April 21

Forget catching a glimpse of Chris or Zac, because all eyes were on this rare sighting at Byron Bay’s Wategos Beach.

Despite being overrun by celebrities, influencers and tourists – nothing was going to stop this giant octopus from spending some time on the sands of Wategos Beach in Byron Bay.

Sydney resident Jarrah Brailey filmed the eight-legged creature making its way across the sand towards some nearby rocks.

The octopus, which had tentacles around 30cm long, appeared to frequently change its colours with each movement.

Ms Brailey said the moment was “crazy”.

“It absolutely was crazy, I couldn’t believe it,” Ms Brailey said. “It was really cool, it was changing colour depending on whether it was under water, or on the sand or the rocks to camouflage itself. It was absolutely massive.”

The coastline, which is a sanctuary zone, means all animals and plants are protected in these waters.

Octopus such as the one filmed by Ms Brailey typically likes to stay in deeper water, making a sighting like this one the beach quite rare.

“I didn’t really think anything of it until I started getting all these messages about it, especially from my friends in New Zealand and the US,” she said.

“This is just another day on the Australian beach.”


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