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A few extra mouths for the barby. Photos: Daily Mail Australia

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That’s Winter, she’s a legend.

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They don’t call them robber crabs for nothing.

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Another crab on the Webber.

When crabs invade

11 August 21

Robber crabs are the world's biggest land crustaceans, and on Christmas Island you better look out if you’re on a family picnic.

Pictures that look like they are out of a horror movie show a family surrounded by giant crabs during a picnic gone wrong. Amy Luetich and her family were camping at a picturesque island off the coast of Australia along with some friends when they were surrounded by enormous crabs, reports 9 News.

The family were about to enjoy their evening barbecue at Christmas Island when dozens of robber crabs arrived at their campsite.

Pics that were shared by Christmas Island Tourism on Facebook show the crabs swarming around their picnic spot in Grant Well, which is located in a jungle area on the island. 

While the sight of the giant crabs is terrifying, the good news is that these robber crabs are quite harmless - though they are known to steal stuff from campsites. According to the island's tourism department, robber crabs, also known as coconut crabs, are a protected species found year-round on the island. "We've never actually heard of anyone being nipped by a robber crab, they are very placid creatures," the department wrote.

Perhaps that is why the family looked pretty unfazed by their presence. Winter McKendrick, the daughter of one of the other families on the trip, was photographed smiling happily as the crabs surrounded her chair. 

"Robber crabs behaving badly! A couple of local #christmasisland families had a few extra mouths to feed at their BBQ over the weekend," Christmas Island Tourism wrote while sharing the pics.




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