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Image 1 for What a stunner! Our 81st board winner picks up his Wilkerson Surfcraft “Mojo”

Phil Pratt and Matt Wilkerson with the handshaped, volan glassed, full resin tint, Mojo from Wilkerson Surfcraft.

Image 2 for What a stunner! Our 81st board winner picks up his Wilkerson Surfcraft “Mojo”

A glimpse into the handmade world of Wilkerson Surfcraft.

What a stunner! Our 81st board winner picks up his Wilkerson Surfcraft “Mojo”

26 June 19

Just have a good look at that board, absolutely hand-made start to finish by Matt Wilkerson at his Noosa factory, and our 81st subscriber winner Phil Pratt was so stoked to win such a gem he and his wife Coralie decided they’d drive all the way up from their home in Kiama south of Sydney just so he could meet its maker and collect it personally.

“Just home from our trip north, and it was so great to meet Matt and his family, and check out his manufacturing set-up. He is one skilled craftsman and it certainly shows in the product. It was amazing to get an opportunity to take possession of such a superb surfboard . . . and to get to understand the manufacturing process as it is done by Matt. 

“I got to have a short surf late in the day at Sunshine Beach in small scrappy waves, but it was enough to get an initial feel for just how beautifully the board rides. The real test came with three days at Crescent on the way home in clean three-footers. Long sessions gave plenty of opportunity to experience just how nice this board is on a wave. It’s trims smooth as silk, holds the line you set in the pocket and breaks easily into even, controlled turns off the tail . . . it is one magic watercraft! 

“It’s just so special to get a unique board from a low volume, inspired boardmaker like Matt, and it’s going to be spending a lot of time in the water on the South Coast!”

Matt Wilkerson has some pedigree as a surfboard builder, via California, Hawaii, Brookvale and now Noosa.

Short version: Started young with Rusty in San Diego “where I worked with some incredible craftsmen” and was particularly inspired by Pat Rawson and his techniques and theories.

“Working with Donald Takayama was one of the high points of my life and I’ve never looked at surfboards the same. I lived on the North Shore, made longboards and short for locals and legends, but it was never about the money, it was about the waves. I moved west to Makaha and the community, the history, and the waves there showed me a whole new life. And that’s where my own label grew.”

“I met my wife, who’s an Aussie, and moved to Sydney where I worked with Bennetts and Channel Islands, while producing my own boards. We fell in love with the Sunshine Coast, and I worked out of Beach Beat for a couple of years until deciding to go back to what I love best – making my own boards from start to finish. I prefer that entirely manual process . . . it gives you a much better connection and feel for the board.”



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