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A little Over 55 sand-blasting from Frank Gray. Pics: Justin Majecks/SurfingWA

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Robin Somogyvari and the Air Asia Wave of the Day.

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Women’s finalists, serious stuff.

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Ryan Clarke and the Big Fish Patrol.

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Junior winner Laura McEwan.

West OZ States – wrap, results & photos

14 May 18

West Australia: Denmark's secluded and scenic coastline, rocky points and beautiful sweeping bays provided the ideal backdrop for some of WA’s best longboarders, who relished the opportunity to compete in clean and consistent waves at Parry's Beach.

Twelve surfers have etched their names onto Western Australia's State Championship honour roll after an epic conclusion to the Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) WA Longboard Titles presented by SunSmart yesterday in Denmark. After an exciting opening event in Yallingup in February, Denmark delivered an exciting finish with a total of fourteen divisions contested over three days of competition. Crystal clear water, clean conditions and groomed peaks in the 2-3 feet range, provided the perfect canvas for a great display of traditional and high performance longboard manoeuvres.

Using his repertoire of powerful rail turns and graceful footwork, Jack Medland (Marmion) was at his devastating best over the weekend taking out both the Open Men's and Open Logger State Championships in emphatic style. Medland was in great rhythm with the ocean all event and picked off the best waves on offer and posted excellent scores with ease. Flowing with great speed through every turn, Medland took down inform surfers Jarrad Davies (Margaret River) Ryan Egan (Mandurah), and Zac Arena Foster (Cottesloe) in the blue-ribbon Open Men's final, scoring a combined two-wave total of 16.23 (from a possible 20).

Medland backed up his efforts in the Open Logger final scoring highly once again, amassing a combined total of 16.73 (from a possible 20).
"It's been a great few days down here in Denmark, this place has great serenity and the move to Parry's has been amazing," said Medland. "There's been some great longboard waves on offer and I'm stoked to take the double win and I'm looking forward to the Aussie Titles." 

Georgia Young (Swanbourne) was another impressive performer in Denmark, surfing with poise and precision to claim her fifth Open Women Longboard State Title. Young found the conditions to her liking, linking together a series of forehand turns to defeating Rachel Dawe (Dunsborough), Emily Gibbs (Perth) and Laura McEwan (Denmark).

“It's always such an adventure coming to Denmark and I really love this trip each," said Young. "I think I won my first Open Women's State Title back in 2009 and all these years on I still love pulling on a vest and competing."

The standard of surfing remained high across all other divisions, with Bill Gibson (Margaret River) dominating the Over-40 Men's Loggers capturing the 2018 State Championship ahead of Doug Carruthers (Margaret River) and Kim Hardeman (Scarborough).

Paul Burke (Dunsborough) tasted victory in the both the Over-40 and Over-45 Men's divisions. Burke walked away with the Over-45 State Title after an impressive display in quality beach break conditions.

Belinda Le Grice (East Fremantle) claimed her second State Title with victory in the Over-40 Women's division. 

Kevin Anderson (North Fremantle) surfed an amazing Over-50 final, scoring a combined total of 16.83 (from a possible 20), which included two excellent eight point plus rides. The win saw Anderson climb to the top of the ratings and confirmed the State Championship Title for 2018.

In other results from the weekend, Frank Gray (Secret Harbour) won the Over-55 Kahunas division, using a strong backhand attack to secure victory ahead of Denmark's Mike Neunuebel, Brett Merifield (Yallingup) and Peter Le Grice (East Fremantle). "I've been working towards this moment for quite a few years," said Gray. "I'm stoked to be the State Champion and I look forward to the challenge of the National Titles in August."

Brent Moss (Esperance) was in fine touch all weekend long winning the Over-60 Duke's division with some high speed on edge surfing. While Stan Davies (Daglish) proved his class in the Over-65 Men’s division, capturing the State Championship with a win at Parry's Beach.

Archie Le Grice (East Fremantle) and Laura MeEwan (Denmark) were the best of the junior competitors, taking out the Under-18 Junior Boys and Under-18 Junior Girls divisions respectively. 

After a three great days of competition in Denmark and a hugely successful 2018 event series that started back in February in Yallingup, attention now turn towards best preparing the team of 31 WA surfers that will compete at the Australian Surf Festival which will take place on the Tweed Coast, NSW in August.

“I'd like to congratulate our event winners, the 2018 State Champions and I'd like to thank all of our amazing competitors who have participated wholeheartedly in this year HIF WA Longboard Titles,” said Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks. “Denmark mimics the conditions our team can expect to surf on the East Coast and I couldn't be happier with how things have gone this weekend.”

Mark Matisons (Cottesloe) and Robin Somogyvari (Dunsborough) claimed the Air Asia 'Wave of the Day' for their efforts over the weekend.


1. Jack Medland (Marmion) - 16.23, 2. Jarrad Davies (Margaret River) - 12.60*, 3. Ryan Egan (Mandurah) - 12.60, 4. Zac Arena Foster (Cottesloe) - 11.73 *count back to highest one wave - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Jack Medland

1. Georgia Young (Swanbourne) - 15.60, 2. Rachel Dawe (Dunsborough) - 13.76, 3. Emily Gibbs (Carine) - 8.10, 4. Laura McEwan (Denmark) - 7.50
 - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Georgia Young

1. Jack Medland (Marmion) - 16.73, 2. Mark Matisons (Cottesloe) - 14.67, 3. Lindsay Small (Melville) - 13.40, 4. Scott Trew (Gabbadah) - 12.10
 - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Jack Medland

1. Archie Le Grice (East Fremantle) - 26.16, 2. Jacob McIvor (Secret Harbour) - 25.94, 3. Oscar Jeeves (Denmark) - 11.73, 4. John Chapman-Lingard (Danmark) - 11.37 *combined best two waves from 2x finals - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Jacob McIvor

1. Laura McEwan (Denmark) - 24.63 , 2. Zali Corry (Mandurah) - 23.68 *combined best two waves from 2x finals - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Zali Corry

1. Paul Burke (Dunsborough) – 23.40, 2. Brendan Collins (Mandurah) – 18.56, 3. Robin Somogyvarni (Dunsborough) – 15.23  *combined best two waves from 2x finals - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Brendan Collins

1. Belinda Le Grice (East Fremantle) – 7.23 - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Belinda Le Grice

1. Bill Gibson (Margaret River) - 28.90, 2. Doug Carruthers (Margaret River) - 20.24, 3. Kim Hardeman (Scarborough) – 9.43 *combined best two waves from 2x finals - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Bill Gibson 

1. Paul Burke (Dunsborough) - 32.74, 2. Kevin Anderson (North Fremantle) - 23.0 *combined best two waves from 2x finals - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Paul Burke 

1. Kevin Anderson (North Fremantle) - 16.83, 2. Brett Merifield (Dunsborough) - 12.10, 3. Mike Neunuebel (Denmark) - 11.67, 4. Richard Wain (Dunsborough) - 9.63 - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Kevin Anderson

1. Frank Gray (Secret Harbour) - 14.93, 2. Mike Neunuebel (Denmark) - 13.83, 3. Brett Merifield (Dunsborough) - 9.93, 4. Peter Le Grice (East Fremantle) - 8.10 - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Frank Gray

1. Brent Moss (Esperance) - 15.60, 2. Frank Gray (Secret Harbour) - 10.50, 3. Bill Gibson (Margaret River) - 10.30, 4. Stan Davies (Daglish) - 6.50 - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Bill Gibson

1. Stan Davies (Daglish) - 20.76, 2. Tony Harrison (Albany) - 17.26, 3. Mick Marlin (Dunsborough) - 11.23, 4. Dave Ellis (West Busselton) -  5.33 *combined best two waves from 2x finals - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Stan Davies

1. Dave Ellis (West Busselton) – 5.33 - 2018 STATE CHAMPION: Dave Ellis


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