Image 1 for Wayne Lynch at Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters

Image 2 for Wayne Lynch at Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters

Some of the crew heading to Boardroom 2019

Image 3 for Wayne Lynch at Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters


Wayne Lynch at Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters

16 April 19

Eight shapers pay homage to Wayne Lynch through a fun yet spirited shaping competition at the Boardroom International Surfboard Show presented by US Blanks.

The shapers: Travis Reynolds, John Opitto, Jordan Brazie, Steve Brom, Ryan Burch, Dan Mann, Daniel Tomson, Shyama Buttonshaw

MAY 4 & 5 Del Mar Fairgrounds, California.

* Two shaping bays used
* Each shaper receives same amount of strict time in the shaping bay.
* Shapers bring in their own tools.
* A US Blank and template are provided.
* The boards to be replicated will be revealed on the day of the event.
* Each shaper will receive 5 minutes prior to their time to take measurements within the shaping bay.
* The board will then remain outside of the shaping bay.
* Shapers can step out and touch, fondle & look at the board at anytime. They may not re-measure it.
* Wayne Lynch judges the anonymous finished blanks.
* The winners check of $1K will be presented on Sunday at 3:30PM.

THE BOARDROOM TALKS presented by Chris Mauro / People Who Surf Podcast:


11:00AM  Shaping the Industry: Filmmaker Dana Brown and industry pioneers Bing Copeland, Dick Metz, and Don Craig

12:00PM  WSL’s Next Steps: New commissioners Pat O’Connell, Devon Howard and Josh Kerr, and WSL VP Communications Dave Prodan discuss the evolution of professional surfing

2:00PM    A Chat with the Legend: Wayne Lynch sits down with some peers for an in-depth Q&A

3:00PM    Going Bigger: Big Wave Charger JoJo Roper & associates break down the evolution of big-wave safety techniques and how they’re taking heavy water adventures to new heights.


11:00AM   The Amazing Impact of the 100 WaveChallenge: Damian Hobgood, Duke Aipa and Joshua Paskowitz join Boys to Men Co-Founder Joe Sigurdson to talk about the social impact of this annual event, and how it’s improving the lives for hundreds of San Diego’s at-risk youth.

12:30PM   The Surf Club Reborn: The gang behind the popular new The West Coast Boardriders Club series talks about the importance of regional pride, tighter surf communities, and the renewed energy being pumped into local surf clubs.

 A full schedule of all shaping & glassing times plus other show events is available by clicking here.


An exclusive VIP three-course dinner with Wayne Lynch including a shaped blank, live music, and a schwag bag. Friday May 3rd at Ranch45 in Del Mar. Only four of seven tickets remain.  Click Here


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