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Image 1 for Very strange fish washes up on Peregian Beach

Very strange fish washes up on Peregian Beach

5 May 22

Locals of a Sunshine Coast town have been left startled by the arrival of a peculiar creature on the beach. 

The strange-looking fish was spotted after washing up on Peregian Beach, on the Queensland Sunshine Coast. 

A woman shared an image of her discovery to Facebook, asking: “Anyone know what sort of fish this is?”.

Suggestions poured in from dozens of locals, many of who were stumped by what they saw. 

The fish had a unique colouring of bright yellow with patches of red and smaller dots of black. 

Some joked it shared the appearance of familiar food items. 

“It’s a deep-fried batter fish,” one said, with others likening its colours to bacon and eggs, parmigiana, pizza, schnitzel, bubblegum, cooked eggs and a bao bun.

Some speculated the odd pattern was the result of the fish having a “skin condition”. 

The animal was also thought to have been some kind of puffer fish or anglerfish. 

The most likely answer was that it was a warty frogfish, also known as a clown frogfish.

“Warty Frog Fish looks most likely. It’s a strange looking fish, thanks for sharing,” one comment read. 

Another agreed, writing: “It’s called a clown frog fish”.

According to Fishes of Australia, the animal gets its name from the fact its head, body and fins are covered in prominent wart-like protuberances. 

Its colour is highly variable to match the surroundings and can range from shades of cream, pink, red, to yellow, green, brown and black, often with darker pale-bordered spots, darker patches and saddles, the museum said. 

They typically live among macroalgae, sponges and soft corals.




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