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Image 1 for Uluwatu  - the Bukit fire

The view from the water. Photo by Trevor Murphy via Surfer

Image 2 for Uluwatu  - the Bukit fire

Smoke streaming across the Ulu line-up on Monday afternoon. Photo: Rad Ko via facebook

Uluwatu - the Bukit fire

24 July 18

The serious fire that tore through resorts on Bali’s famous cliffs at Uluwatu on Monday afternoon is thought to have started somewhere near Ulu Cliff and quickly spread to Bluepoint in Labuansait, right above the legendary Ulu surf break.

From Rory Russell (no relation) on Facebook: “I hopped on my scooter and raced toward the blaze. Once I reached Angle Mart the scene was hectic. Fire trucks were racing back and forth trying to get the raging fire under control. I have to admit for the lack of support they did an amazing job and got the fire contained before it reached the warungs underneath. Very sad to see so much destruction, just hoping everyone is ok.”

From the Canggu Community Facebook: “The crew got the fire under control before it reached Single Fin & the warungs. No word yet of anyone being harmed.”

Photos and videos of the flames and smoke quickly circulated on social media.

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