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Image 1 for Thief knocks off surfer’s car in a crazy scene at packed Duranbah – news vid

One question – why are thieves always described in news reports as “brazen”?

Thief knocks off surfer’s car in a crazy scene at packed Duranbah – news vid

9 April 24

Dbah on the southern end of the Gold Coast can be a pretty heavy spot at times, but this is next level.

While the surfer was getting changed near his car, a thief jumps in, starts it up, and takes off down the footpath, narrowly missing a lady and her dog and a bloke pushing a pram, while surfers scramble to get their boards out of the way. Here’s how it was reported by 9 NEWS:

A brazen daylight theft. The vehicle's owner had just finished a surf when his Prado was stolen metres away from him.

Police continue to hunt a car thief today after he allegedly stole a man's SUV vehicle while he was surfing at a beach on the New South Wales Far North Coast.

The Toyota Prado was taken yesterday at about 2 pm from Duranbah Beach, near Tweed Heads.

Police say the keys of the vehicle were taken from a surf lock that was cut open.

Footage of the brazen theft showed the thief speeding off on Coral Street, Tweed Heads, narrowly missing beachgoers.

The white Prado mounted a public footpath forcing stunned onlookers to jump out of the way as the thief made his escape.

One pedestrian pushing a pram was forced to quickly turn off the footpath down to the sands as the vehicle sped by him.



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