Image 1 for The Green Slime is ba-aack! Eco friendly and all

The Green Slime is ba-aack! Eco friendly and all

19 November 19

Back when all fins were glassed on and boards only had one anyway, there was Green Slime, and it was good! And now there’s the new 2020 eco green friendly Green Slime Surf Wax range - just released with retro labelling, less petrochemicals, and new eco packaging. 

Made locally in The Shire by surfers for surfers, Green Slime is a long-time side project for specialist board rack manufacturers Dion Cunningham and the crew at Surf ’n Rak in Sydney, and it’s keeping them hopping with the new range.

Sold in some surf shops on the Southside – the best bet though is to get it in 10-packs online


“Every surfer remembers how good Slime made you feel when that scent hit you as you waxed up before your session, and how good your surfing felt - summer or winter it just felt right. Made locally in the Shire 100% Ozzie owned.”


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