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Our 93rd subscriber board winner David Jackson – and our third board in a row to go to Victoria.

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Carabine teamrider Nick Farago. Photo: Pat O’Leary

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Mick Carabine in the Gong, 1964. Photo: Dave Milnes

The Carabine is off to Vicco

15 December 21

“The only thing I’ve ever won in my life was the National Service draft!” laughed David Jackson when we phoned to say he’d just scored the “Shakey” Modern Log from Carabine Surfboards in our subscriber draw.

Turns out David was just heading out the door to the local Korumburra RSL, where he just happens to be president. “It’s a traditional one for all the vets, and anybody at all really. We don’t have pokies and all that, we just keep it calm and fun and try to look after the local community.” 

David’s been surfing since he was a little kid and these days Inverloch is his go-to spot. “It’s on the Bass Coast on the bottom of Australia, and it can get a bit wild and woolly, but it’s beautiful down there.”

A subscriber from way back, he added, “You know I’ve always checked out that page in the mag with envy . . . this is so fantastic! And just when you think you might be getting a bit too long in the tooth a new board appears and a new era begins! I’ll be off to crow to everyone in the club now haha! Thank you guys!”

Our pleasure David – and what a finely pedigreed board you’ve scored. The Carabine label has been building boards out of Wollongong since 1969, and the Shakey was designed by legend shaper Terry Bishop who’s been there since the beginning, and is still hands-on today.

From 9’0” to 9’10”, the Shakey is a modern well-balanced single-fin with classic lines – and this one’s all yours Presso!

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