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The Byron Bay section from “Ride a White Horse”

5 February 24

A few minutes from Byron before the crowds and the ridiculously expensive real estate - and when The Pass was still Palm Valley. 

From Bob Evan's 1968 classic movie which is a ‘greatest hits’ of footage from most of his previous films, covering the changes in Australian surfing over the preceding decade.

The film shows Midget as a 13-year-old as well as in the 1964 Manly World Titles six years later, along with Nat's performances in the Peru and San Diego World Championships.

It also has later footage of Bob McTavish and Peter Drouyn, along with Bobby Brown, Frank Latta, Nipper Williams, Mick Dooley, Tank Henry and Dave Jackman, plus plenty of big wave riding in Hawaii by both Australian and Americans. 

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