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Image 1 for Tati tests her Takayama at Freshie

Our 101st subscriber board winner. Tati and the spanking Takayama DT 60s – sunrise at Freshie. Pic: Darcie Collington - @darciecollington

Image 2 for Tati tests her Takayama at Freshie

Still laughing . . . that new board feeling. Pics: Darcie Collington - @darciecollington

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Anticipation! Pic: Libbi Jones - @libbijones

Image 4 for Tati tests her Takayama at Freshie

Feeling it . . . first wave! Pics: Libbi Jones - @libbijones

Image 5 for Tati tests her Takayama at Freshie

Tati tests her Takayama at Freshie

31 January 24

Over the years we’ve phoned 101 Aussies to tell them they’ve won a top-end board just for being a PLB print subscriber, but Tati Guedes surely took the cake in the laughing department. It was a good five minutes before she managed to get out, “Are you kidding! I’m beyond stoked to receive such a stunning piece of surf history. Can’t wait to ride her!”

And now she’s taken delivery and christened her Takayama DT 60s at the local: “I have felt lucky and grateful before this, but never actually experienced that feeling of the ‘luck of the draw’ and it’s amazing! The surf wasn’t that great this morning . . . but the board feels wonderful!"

Donald Takayama is widely considered the guru of longboard shapers, with a who’s-who of greats from the ’60s to today riding his boards and singing his praises.

Manufacturing to Donald’s specs, North Coast Surfboards in Byron Bay have been the Australian licensee for Hawaiian Pro Designs since the ’90s. “Donald would always tell me that the DT 60s was his favourite design out of anything he ever did over his career,” says Evan Squirrel from North Coast. “And there’s some stat somewhere that puts it as the best selling signature model longboard of all time, that’s how many they made.”

This beauty is glassed in 6oz volan with three stringers (two x ½” and one x 1/8”) with a glassed-on red DTRP fin. All 9’6” of it drips pedigree, and just wait until you get it singing on a head-high day Tati!

Every NEW or CURRENT Aussie subscriber is in the draw to win a board every issue –  SUBSCRIBE HERE


The new board 102 is an Oceanside Surfboards 9’3” Blunt shaped by Dru Sheppard at Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – with a volan deck and resin swirl finish from Rhino Laminating, and yes it’s another stunner! 

Winner drawn by next issue. Print is the shit!

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