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Jeff Hakman, into his eighth decade and still living large. Pic: Larry Gerky

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Felipe Pomar, also into his eighth decade and here dropping into T-Land out front of Nembrala Resort

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On the remote island of Roti the Nemberala Beach Resort is a comfortable, classy resort with easy access to excellent waves, plus fishing, snorkeling and sightseeing. The main break is T-Land, a long left hander out front.

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Felipe Pomar (left) and Jeff Hakman (right) with fellow Surf Till 100 founder Tom Woods.

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Jeff Hakman, North Shore of Kauai. Pic: Larry Gerky

"Surf Till 100"? Take the trip!

7 July 19

You can join Atoll Travel and Waterways Travel and for the second annual Surf Till 100 retreat at Nemberala Beach Resort with the First World Big Wave Surfing Champion Felipe Pomar and three-time Duke Champion and the first Pipeline Master Jeff Hakman.

Felipe and Jeff will be sharing their inspirational and motivational experiences as Living Legends in the History of Surfing and the practices they follow to continue to Surf Big waves while enjoying their 8th decade of life.

A great retreat for surfers of all ages, couples and families wanting to develop a more focused and healthy lifestyle.

By the end of this seven-day workshop you will learn how to:

* Develop your Personal Health Plan to help you Surf Till 100 or whatever else you love to do in life.

* Obtain and sustain the mindset and culture of a Champion as you grow into a better version of yourself

* Develop an evidence based, anti-aging exercise plan you will enjoy.

* Understand the hormonal consequences of food. Simple methods to plan a healthy diet and lose weight.

* Use the Power of Belief as "You are the Placebo" to create a healthy future.

For more details email - or phone: +61 (0)3 5682 1088




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