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Image 1 for Surf Till 100 – “Champions Building the Champion Within”

Felipe Pomar, Tom Woods, and Jeff Hakman, into their eighth decade and doing alright!

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Jeff Hakman at 70, on Kauai’s North Shore.

Image 3 for Surf Till 100 – “Champions Building the Champion Within”

Felipe Pomar, TLand.

Image 4 for Surf Till 100 – “Champions Building the Champion Within”

Tom Woods, Roti.

Image 5 for Surf Till 100 – “Champions Building the Champion Within”

Fancy a trip to Peru with these gents?

Surf Till 100 – “Champions Building the Champion Within”

15 March 19

Founders of Surf Till 100, Felipe Pomar, Tom Woods, and Jeff Hakman are Champions in their own right and love to surf and as crazy as it may sound they plan on Surfing Till 100

Champions in sports and champions in life, each of them are still surfing big waves after 70 years and have dedicated themselves to developing the Champion that lives within all of us.


By teaching you how to successfully “Master” many of the easy to apply “Basics of a Healthy Lifestyle” by utilizing ones mindset and intuitive heart intelligence in the areas of: Diet, Exercise, Emotional Resilience, Relationships, and Involvement in the culture of a Supportive Community with similar values and leadership


To make life better for us all!

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On this once in a lifetime expedition we will take you on a Transformative Adventure that you will never forget with World Surfing Champion - Felipe Pomar and Surfing Hall of Fame Member and Co- Founder of Quiksilver USA and Europe, Jeff Hakman and our Healthy Lifestyle Leaders.

Our Expedition Mission:

To take bold and committed adventurer’s into the Cradle of Ancient Surfing in Northern Peru and to explore the Temples of our Planet’s Earliest Surfers and most importantly assist you in adding years to your life and life to your years.

On this fun and exciting Expedition May 11-18, 2019 you will have the Opportunity to Surf Chicama, the longest Point Break in the World.

Learn to Surf and Ride 5,000 year old surf-craft, among friends, in one of the coolest surf towns in the world.

Go on private tours of ancient archaeological sites with Felipe Pomar and our team.

Our main commitment:

Our main commitment besides having a lot of fun, is to strengthen you, our fellow men and women, in the development of your Mind, Body and Heart, in order to help you:

 * Surf Till 100 by becoming the champion of your dreams and the creator of a Life that Matters
 * To help you bring about positive physical, mental and spiritual changes that are permanent, self-perpetuating, and momentum building.
 * To help you make transformative changes that add value to every aspect of your life and to the creation of a sustainable and happy planet for you to Surf Till 100 on.

This is a rare expedition in Northern Peru with World Champion Surfers.

It is only available to 16 individuals

Couples and small groups are very welcome 

You must act quickly as the expedition takes place May 11-18 2019

 EXPEDITION INFO HERE  - For extensive information about the Expedition and all of the sites and experiences you will be enjoying in the birthplace of ancient surfing.


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