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Image 1 for So you think you can trim? Check this out!

So you think you can trim? Check this out!

17 June 20

Empty Malibu (without even many cars), San Onofre shot from the water way before the power station, overhead uncrowded Ventura, Rincon . . . is this a dream?

Rare surfing footage from California shot in solid swell in 1947 – just two years after the end of WW11.

This is some truly beautiful no-fuss surfing on big, flat, fin-less timber surfboards – these guys are getting it done. And at high speed!

And they’re all knee paddlers.

This is the best surfing we’ve seen from California in the pre-fin era. And the best surf.

The music is Wasting my Young Years by London Grammer. Doesn’t look like anyone is wasting their young years here though . . . fair guess some would be returning servicemen and servicewomen, and they’re all having a ball.

We have no idea of the source of the original footage, am guessing this is bootlegged from somewhere.

It goes for five minutes –  TAKE THE TRIP HERE


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