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Image 1 for Shark slaps surfer and leaves her with a black eye

Spinner sharks are named after the way they rotate on their axis while feeding on fish

Image 2 for Shark slaps surfer and leaves her with a black eye

The shark landed on Haun and knocked her off her board, leaving her with a black eye

Shark slaps surfer and leaves her with a black eye

14 October 18

A Florida surfer waiting for a wave got a slap in the face from an acrobatic spinner shark instead. 

Kara Haun was out on her board Thursday morning, waiting to catch a wave at Bethune Beach in New Smyrna Beach, when she had her unexpected encounter with a spinner shark.

Haun, who has 15 years of surfing under her belt, said she had been out on the water for about 45 minutes and 'had no idea it was coming.'

'I was laying on my board faced down, just looking out into the ocean waiting on the next wave, and it landed on top of me really, really heavy and hit me in the face and knocked me off my board,' Haun told News 6. Haun said the shark, 'Kind of felt like a car landed on me.'

A video of the shocking shark slap, shot from afar and captured by Surfline, shows Haun sitting on her board in the water. 

Suddenly, the spinner shark breaches the surface, flying high up into the air, before landing on Haun and disappearing into the ocean. Haun, who has been knocked into the water, is left scrambling to grab hold of her board. 

Haun, a former firefighter and now co-owner of CrossFit Nika, said she 'thought I was getting attacked because of the way it hit me from behind, and so hard.'

A mix of adrenaline and instincts were said to have helped get back onto her surfboard, where she then lingered for a few minutes, before returning to shore. 

Haun, who noted that she was 'very scared,' was left with a black eye and sore muscles as a souvenir of her brief time with the spinner shark.

She said that she doesn't intend to let this incident frighten her off surfing in the future. 'The chances of it happening again are even worst than it happening the first time!' she told News 6.

Spinner sharks are named after the way they spin on their axis while feeding on schools of fish. While vertically zooming their way through schools of fish, they break through the surface of the water, which is what happened when Haun was hit. 




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