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Surfing is an incredibly important to the local people through surf tourism. There’s a thriving surf economy, with local surf schools, guides, and boats creating many jobs for locals.

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In the past few years there’s been an alarming trend as infrastructure for high-end tourism has damaged surf and eco systems.

Save Maldives waves – sign this petition, your voice counts

10 February 21

Chickens, one of the best and most accessible waves in the Maldives, has been significantly altered due to the construction of a seawall on the island. In addition, many other waves are faced with similar infrastructure projects; these will damage the waves, reef ecosystems, and surf communities that depend on these places. 

Save The Waves Coalition at the direction of and in partnership with local surfers, international partners, and the independent organization Save Our Waves Maldives, is officially launching a campaign to call for the protection of surf breaks across the islands of the Maldives.  

Our local partners estimate there are at least 20 world class waves that are immediately threatened by infrastructure projects or have already been damaged or lost due to development.  

Save The Waves is calling on government agencies and development interests to protect the incredible waves the country possesses by ensuring no development project impacts or destroys surf ecosystems. 

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