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Image 1 for Sam scores the Keyo TP-V – our 82nd subscriber board winner!

(L to R) Tom Payne road testing. Our 82nd board winner Sam Le Geyt. The Keyo TP-V.

Sam scores the Keyo TP-V – our 82nd subscriber board winner!

13 March 19

All of us sat in school and doodled waves and surfboards and stared out the window right? But who ever took a phone call from a surf mag during first period on a Friday saying they’d just won a Keyo? Well, Year 12 student Sam Le Geyt did!

“This is a joke right?” Sam was attempting to whisper but doing it pretty loudly given the news he was getting. “Can I call you back at lunch time?”

And what a frother! Turns out Sam lives a half-hour through traffic from the beach, but he manages that all the time no worries. Loves free surfing, loves comps, and he’s in two longboard clubs (two!), Curl Curl and Manly.

Sam’s been a subscriber to PLB since he was 15, “If I could I’d have every type of surfboard there is. I love seeing all the boards that you come out with in the mag, I just can’t believe I’ve won one haha! I’m so stoked!”

And your new board has sure got some pedigree Sam. Keyo is one of the great original Brookvale labels - forever associated with the free thinkers of the sixties and significant steps forward in design. Still on the Northern Beaches, these days Keyo is headed up by surfer/shaper Johnny Gill, with a hot crew on his designs including Jack Norton, Hayden Emery, Kirra Innes, Wylie Gill, Gus O’Malley (our cover boy) and Tom Payne.

Tom was a standout local grom who’s now a world-class surfer (and runner-up in Tudor’s Duct Tape) and Johnny and Tom are a tight unit.

“The TP-V is a direct result of Tom’s obsession with the broad stance, aggressive Aussie surfing of the late sixties,” says Johnny. “It’s all rock and roll!  It can be banked hard in the pocket, changing direction, getting more involved.

“With Tom competing all over the world we wanted an edge, a point of difference in his approach. The TP-V has a blunt nose and chopped off tail, rails are a fuller 50/50 with an upward turn towards the back. It’s surfed shorter, 9’0” to 9’3”, ensuring some radical surfing. The secret is in the V, just the right amount in just the right place, letting you dictate what the board does, rather than the board dictating to you.”

Go dictate Sam!

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