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Image 2 for Revised Old Mal Australia calendar for 2021

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Revised Old Mal Australia calendar for 2021

30 April 21

Latest news from Daffy Chisholm for Old Mal Australia – and just in case any of our international readers are wondering what exactly is an “old mal”, it’s a surfboard built before 1967/68. In Australia boards back then were called Malibus (longboards often still are actually), and given that we shorten every second word – “Mal” it is.

Anyway, here are the dates from Daff:

Old Mal Pure Breed Rally Calendar 2021 - Ride Em Don’t Hide Em

Postponed.   STOMP NSW Old Mal Titles -  Belambi Point.

March TBA.    DIE Rally - Double Island Point QLD.

April 24th  Rob West Dunga Day - Minnie Waters NSW.

June…..  The Wellness Trek…..  The Planet!

June has been chosen for all Old Mal Surfers to hit their respective local breaks or an exotic, remote location & catch a few sliders for those from the past & present who cannot for various reasons joins us in the water. Send me some pics to share of your favourite local break.

June 19th:   Victorian Old Mal Titles  - Pt Impossible Vic

June 26th:   Lost Tribe Rally - Evans Head NSW.

Aug  TBA:   Wooden Surfboard Show - Gold Coast QLD.

Aug 7th:  QLD Old Mal Titles - Sunny Coast QLD.

Sept  9–12:  National Old Titles - Crescent Head NSW.

Nov ?:   Palmy Old Mal Rally - Palm Beach NSW.

Dec 4th :  Reef Riders Old Mal / Vee Bottom Rally - Long Reef NSW                                                                                                                                                  

If anyone knows of any more dates for Purebred Old Surfboard Rallies or Show & Shines, let me know & I will pass them on.        

For further information - Email.

Keep your Old Girls Wet!!!!!!!!!!!!  Daffy.  


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