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RIP Brian “Harry” Hann

11 September 22

Here at PLB we knew Harry to be generous and a gentleman, and always a little larger-than-life. There will be a lot of people missing him in Evans Head today and among his many friends and admirers throughout the longboard clubs of Australia. The following tribute is from the Evans Head crew: 

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Brian “Harry” Hann.

Harry was a wonderful person, who lived life to the fullest and made so many people laugh.

Harry started the Evans Head Malibu Club in 1990. Over the years he served as club president, club captain, secretary, competition director, gear steward, and almost everything in between. He was the clubs first Life Member and a long-standing member of the Evans Head Malibu Classic committee. 

When it came to running the club, he was a wealth of knowledge and the phrase “let’s run it past Harry and see what he reckons” has certainly been well used over the years.

Everyone has a Harry story. He was definitely a larger-than-life character, and his presence alone was enough to make you laugh. He could tell a great joke and was a brilliant impersonator.

And quick witted! No-one was faster. He’d be firing off one-liners so fast your cheeks would be hurting.

What was lovable about Harry was that he was just as happy when the joke was back on him. It would give him even more ammo to dish it back onto you. All part of being one of the Evans Crew.

There was a soft side to Harry that everyone around the club experienced. He was so welcoming of new members. If you didn’t have a nickname, he’d give you one, and  you’d wear it like a badge of honour. He always said that new people brought fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the club. 32 years on, how right you were, H.

When it came to grommets and teenagers, there was no generation gap. Both in and out of the water, he showed a genuine interest in what kids had to say and he encouraged junior representation on the committee. A very admirable trait.

He called the club one big family and he treated it that way. His sense of humour was everywhere. At Christmas time he’d dress up as Santa and tell all the kids to get their mums to come and sit on his knee! Only Harry could get away with that.

One of his greatest club legacies was the construction of the electric BBQ’s at our spiritual home -The Tree of Knowledge. Making it his mission to get the project through council, it took years to complete. The whole community will be forever grateful for your efforts, Harry.

From the “Surfers Ball” in the early days to the more recent away trips, mystery bus tours and curry nights, Harry was the life of the party. Even when he was sound asleep in bed, he was still making us laugh (who could forget the late-night adventures of Earl, his prosthetic ear). 

And how about his face when he walked into the Bowlo, carrying a pot of curry, only to have the whole place erupt to surprise him for his 60th birthday. People came from all over the country for “The Life of Brian” party. A crazy night that was featured in the Daily Telegraph where he was infamously quoted the next day: “I’ll remember last night until I’ve got Alzheimers.”

King of the one-liners.

Everything that he was as a person, we are as a club. The Evans Malibu Club culture is Harry Hann: it’s family, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it welcomes new faces, loves to party and certainly loves a good away trip.

Thank you, Harry, for all the great memories, - The Evans Crew.

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