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Image 1 for Only in Oz: Between a croc and a shark . . . and the shark jumps in the boat!

Jake doubling as a gauge to show how big the bully was.

Image 2 for Only in Oz: Between a croc and a shark . . . and the shark jumps in the boat!

The trashed tinny with bull shark aboard

Only in Oz: Between a croc and a shark . . . and the shark jumps in the boat!

19 April 20

 A Queensland boy got more than he bargained for on a family fishing trip when a shark and crocodile came along for the ride.

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Jake Madsen, 11, and his grandfather Ken were packing their boat back on the trailer after a day out on the Proserpine River, in the Whitsundays when they saw splashing near a neighbouring boat.

The other boat had a father and his two young sons, who were about seven or eight-years-old on board.

“Me and pop thought they must have caught a pretty decent fish when we saw the water splashing about,” Jake told 9News.

But then they heard screams and saw a large bull shark, which also had eyes for the fish they caught, jump up in to their tinny.

“We heard the screaming and thought it had got one of the kids,” Jake said.

“It knocked the little lads out of the way and started thrashing around in the boat, smashing the canopy and sending a chair flying out into the water,” Mr Madsen added.

The 2.2 metre shark landed between the family and the boat’s motor so they were stranded about 50 metres from shore.

What made it worse, is the five-foot crocodile that was lurking nearby.

“We were fishing beside the croc, watching him come in and out of the water for most of the day,” Mr Madsen said.

Knowing this could be a very dangerous situation, Jake and his pop quickly unloaded their boat and rushed over to help the panicked family.

“We got beside the boat and the little fellas jumped right into ours,” Mr Madsen said.

Once the kids were cleared, Jake and his pop towed the boat back to shore and helped the other man unload the shark onto the pontoon.

“It was huge. Would’ve been at least two metres long and weighed between 150-200kg,” Mr Madsen said.

Jake told 9News he has only been on the river with his pop a handful of times, but isn’t opposed to going out again.




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