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New York Women’s Surf Film Festival – news & program

23 July 19

Lava Girl Surf and Clif Bar is proud to present the 7thAnnual NY Women’s Surf Film Festival, a free, two night outdoor event-- held over two weekends in New York’s landmark surf communities, Rockaway Beach, Queens and Montauk, Long Island.

This festival brings together the global surf community for a special event focused on women in surfing and filmmaking.

Founded in 2012, Lava Girl Surf was the first of its kind women’s surf workshop in New York. The success of Lava Girl Surf quickly led to the launch of the NY Women’s Surf Film Festival to further support and celebrate women in surfing, filmmaking and grassroots marine environmentalism. Clif Bar will be the presenting sponsor again this year, showing their continued support for women in their drive for sport and adventure.

The festival showcases diverse styles of story-telling, from established and emerging directors, producers and filmmakers. This year, stories span the globe and feature films come from the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Indonesia, Spain, Mexico and Norway.

For the seventh annual festival, the selections highlights the inspiring lives of female surfers, their unique journeys, passions and their connection to the ocean.

For the third year, the festival will continue onto Montauk, NY at The Montauk Beach House on August 16-18.

A snapshot of the films in the festival this year:

 • Paige by Bjarne Saléna, a new short film presented by Patagonia, documents the inspirational career of female big wave surfer, Paige Alms. She is a leader in one of the world’s most physically challenging and dangerous sports, but it’s her extraordinary passion, dedication and work ethic that have helped her break down barriers and set a new standard for women’s big wave surfing.

 • Professional and featured surfer, winner of two world titles of the Women’s Big Wave Tour, Paige Alms will be onsite to meet locals and provide tips for emerging surfers.

• World Premier of Circle of the Sun by Inigo Grasset and co-directed and featuring Lena Stoffel, professional free skier and passionate surfer, this cinematic short takes you on an almost surreal journey to Norway. It describes one circle of the sun. Steep mountains and the ocean, the sun and the aurora borealis.

 • World Premier of Tofino is a Place by Ryan Struck, A film about the women's surf community in Tofino, where they host the annual all female surf contest Queen of the Peak. The event was started by women and is a testament to the grit and determination of the women who live there.

 • USA Premier of Sofia by Matic Carl and Maja Žerak, a film about the life of a young surfer girl Sofía De Tomás, a Canary Islands’ surf champion at the beginning of her surf career. The film shares her passion for surfing, skating and art.

 • USA Premier of This Way by Elly Norman, a fun film about two surfers and one skateboarder, one classic 1994 stretch limo, and 120 cans of PBR. We follow along a long road down the east coast of the US, for 9 days of good times. Featuring Nora Vasconcellos, Laura Enever & Jaleesa Vincent.

Featured Highlights from this year's festival will include:

 • The exclusive premiers of Circle of the Sun and Tofino is a Place as well as USA premiere for Sofia and This Way.

 • Embrace, a photography exhibit by the surf and lifestyle photographer, Bryanna Bradley at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club, opening reception August 9th, 7pm.

The Canadian artist will be onsite during the festival, inspired by the ocean and the beautiful community of cold water surfers in Tofino, Bryanna finds salvation while submerged in the ocean and inspiration in the fast changing light and enchanting landscape of the Pacific Northwest, her life has now gone from a love for the ocean to a dependency.

 • Filmmaker Ryan Struck from New York will be onsite to share the vision for their films and the challenges they faced during the filming process.

 • The second NY Women’s Surf Market will be hosted at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club from 11-6pm and will feature a collection of surf and lifestyle brands, drinks, and food.

 • We will be hosting a beach clean up on the Sunday morning with Surfrider Foundation and Athletain both Rockaway Beach and Montauk, followed by a surf session with local women.

 • The Pink Coast, an art exhibit by South Florida born artist, Taylor Slater exhibiting in Montauk at the Montauk Beach House, August 16, 2019, 6pm. Theartist will be onsite during the festival; her artwork is constantly being inspired bynature and the emotions it evokes within people, emulating nature’s messagesthrough her paintings and she hopes her artwork will inspire others toward joiningthe fight against plastic pollution.

The NY Women’s Surf Film Festival supports the Changing Tides Foundation, whose mission is to bridge the gap between travelers and the primary causes on the ground and Surfrider Foundation NYC, which is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.

For the fourth year in a row, the festival will be presented in conjunction with Clif Bar, other sponsors of the festival include Don Julio, Ketel One Botanical, Founders BrewingCo., Athleta, Patagonia, Anve Swimwear, Flow Alkaline Spring Water, AquatechImaging Solutions, Surf Far, Boxed Water, Blenders Eyewear, Kopari Beauty, TacowayBeach & Rockaway Beach Bakery.

Media support:

The inertia, Whalebone, Surf Collective NYC, Pacific Longboarder Magazine, Sea Together, Smash Surf, and NY Surf Chicas. 

Each publication graciouslyspread the word and continues to support our surf and filmmaker community throughout the year.

Event details:

Friday, August 9th, 2019

• 7 - 9 pm: Opening reception for Bryanna Bradley Photography exhibit

• 7 - 8:00 pm: Meet and greet with guest filmmakers and surfers

• 8 - 8:30 pm: Opening presentation by film festival founder & QA with guest filmmakers

• 8:30 - 10pm: Film screenings

Saturday, August 10th, 2019

• 11-6 pm: Pop up Surf Market with our surf brands at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club

• 7-8 pm: Doors open and meet and greet with guest filmmakers and surfers

• 7 - 8:00 pm: Meet and greet with guest filmmakers and surfers

• 8 - 8:30 pm: Opening presentation by film festival founder & QA with guest filmmakers

• 8:30 - 10pm: Film screenings

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

• 8am - 11am: Morning Beach clean up and surf session at Beach 90th Surf Break

Event location details:

Directions: The Rockaway Beach Surf Club (302 Beach 87th Street) is on the A train/ shuttle to Beach 90th Street; bus service includes the Q22 and Q52. 

More information on the films and the NY Women’s Surf Film Festival here

About Lava Girl Surf

Lava Girl Surf was founded in 2012 with the first New York Women’s Surf Workshop. It began with off-water workshops, along with engaging social events encouraging women to explore the fundamental elements of the sport. Lava Girl Surf has evolved to celebrate the art of filmmaking and those stories both told and untold from women around the world actively engaged in surfing, in their individual connection to the ocean, and the love of their community and those communities they discover along the way. Lava Girl Surf celebrates women surfers, who connect with the ocean, wholove their surf communities and those they discover through travel.

Inspired by free-spirited female surfers and beach lovers, Lava Girl Surf launched a unique collection of surf inspired jewelry, apparel and accessories to celebrate our shared passion for the ocean and wave riding.

About Clif Bar & Company®

Clif Bar & Company crafts nutritious and organic food including the CLIF BAR® energy bar; CLIF Kid®, Nourishing Kids in Motion® and LUNA®; The Whole Nutrition Bar. Family and employeeowned, the company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community and the planet. Clif Bar is the perfect source of energy before or after you get in the water.


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