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Man who took pet snake surfing under investigation by wildlife officials

11 September 23

A follow up on the post from last week:

A man who took his pet snake surfing on the Gold Coast is under investigation for wildlife offences.

The man posted a social media video showing him with his native carpet python on the waves at Rainbow Bay.

He told a media outlet that he believed the snake “loved it” because the reptile didn’t hiss while on the water.

Tim Hudson, from Hudson Snake Catching Gold Coast and Hinterland, said he was concerned for the snake’s “welfare”.

“Snakes are ectotherms, so obviously that can cause the snake a lot of stress, being out in that cold, salty water,” he told 7NEWS.

“Snakes are very fragile in their environment and how they interact with their environment, having them out in the cold, salty surf would definitely cause that animal a considerable amount of stress.”

He also pointed out that people who take their snakes in public should have a “demonstration permit”, required “for obvious reasons, both for public safety and the welfare of the animal”.

The Queensland environment department has launched an investigation.

“The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is aware of media reports about a person allegedly taking a pet snake out in public,” a department spokesperson said.

“Wildlife officers are making inquiries into the matter to determine if any legislative provisions under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 or permit conditions under the Nature Conservation (Animals) Regulation 2020 have been breached.”


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