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Sydney Artist Megan Hales and Pauline Menczer with The Equalizer Model and completed Mural at Bondi. Pic: James Alcock

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Bondi is planning a Statue of Pauline Menczer for the next project. Pic: Zane Matthew

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LGBTIQ+ surf event set for the Gold Coast

2 May 22

The one-day expression session with 100 participants will be hosted by the Gold Coast Surf Witches Boardriders and is being humorously referred to as the “Queersilver Pro”. Sponsored by The Surfboard Warehouse, the inaugural event will become Australia's first LGBTIQ+ surf event.

1993 World Professional Women’s Champion and a star of the movie Girls Can't Surf Pauline Menczer will also unveil her latest surfboard model known as "The Equalizer" produced at the Gold Coast S-lab surfboard factory and sold through the Surfboard Warehouse. 

Ms Menczer will use the occasion to announce a new LGBTIQ+ surfing event planned for the Gold Coast on the Queen’s Birthday weekend Monday 3rd October 2022.

While the title is a ‘tongue in cheek’ play on words, the term ‘queer’ is no longer a slur on the LGBTIQ+ community and is widely accepted as a term of endearment. 

Furthermore, queer theory is acknowledged by academia to describe openly declared gay people as proud and is no longer deemed to be a derogative term. In fact, it is quite the opposite, they wear it with pride as a badge of honour.

"An LGBTIQ surf event of this nature is long overdue. I am so excited to be named the patron of this new fun event." said Menczer a Surfboard Warehouse ambassador who holds 20 World Tour victories to her credit.

 "It is important to break down social barriers and acknowledge all types of gender roles while enjoy the healthy sport of surfing without discrimination." said Ms Menczer who has had to battle against her share of racism and sexist criticism during a successful professional surfing career where she has battled against a lack of sponsorship, debilitating health issues ,and the marginalization of women in a male world of surfing.

Last weekend at her hometown beach of Bondi, Sydney, Menczer’s legendary status was honoured with a life size mural painted across the famous Bondi esplanade by Sydney artist Megan Hales.

President of the Surf Witches Boardriders Jennifer Jefferies has thrown her clubs support behind the proposed surf event and encourages the LGBTIQ+ community to be involved on the day.

 "As an out gay woman and surfer this event advances the line-up. It’s time. The Surf Witch Boardriders Club is excited to host the first Pride Surf."

 Owner of the Surfboard Warehouse Sean Kennedy was equally enthusiastic and declaring his sponsorship support for the inaugural event saying,

"The Surfboard Warehouse is committed to democratizing watersports for all and is stoked to support the Queersilver event alongside all the other events and ambassadors we support.” 

The Surf Witches have named the Queer Family Northern Rivers Group as their charity of choice who were badly impacted by the recent floods and all the great work they do for the LGBTIQ+ community. 

LGBTIQ+ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Queer.


 Check out the Queer Family Northern Rivers website here

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