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Image 1 for Kevin “The Head” Brennan? Check out this bootleg vid!

Switch. He was 17 when this footage was shot.

Image 2 for Kevin “The Head” Brennan? Check out this bootleg vid!

Kevin “The Head” Brennan? Check out this bootleg vid!

8 July 24

From a time when loose and expressive styles came natural. 

When just 15, “The Head” famously won both the juniors and seniors at the 1965 NSW titles on the same day - against the best in the biz including Midget, Nat, and Mick Dooley in the seniors, and Bobby Brown and Robert Conneeley in the juniors. 

A jockey-sized surf punk who grew up in Bondi, Kevin Brennan had an almost supernatural ability in the water, but tragically he was dead by 25, overdosing on heroin in the back of a seedy Kings Cross nightclub.

Compiled by the Spanish surf history bootlegger Captain Hotdogger, some of this footage was lifted from Paul Witzig’s 1967 film The Hot Generation, but there also looks to be some outtakes from those sessions that didn’t make the final cut, plus a few waves from other sources maybe?

Captain Surfrocker often finds entertaining and rarely seen footage from who knows where for his "Maestros del Longboard” vids.

Last word on Kevin Brennan from Phil Jarratt (who can put things in a nutshell): “And with his homemade haircut, busted teeth, and appetite for danger, he was the archetypal delinquent for whom the Bondi surf was both babysitter and battlefield.”

Watch 5 minutes of The Head here

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