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Jack McCoy: An open letter to friends & fans in the WA surfing tribe

20 March 18

For over 40 years I’ve been showing surfing films in Western Australia. It’s been a privilege to share my films with so many generations of surfers. I also lived in the South West for 12 years with my young family while filming what some consider my most memorable films like Bunyip Dreaming and The Green Iguana and the Billabong Challenge Series.

I don’t consider myself a writer; I’m a filmmaker and storyteller and for this reason, I have created a program that is more of an event than a screening of one of my 25 films.  

As I move closer to the end of my career, I want to give back and share some intimate moments that haven't been documented in the movies.  I have been doing Talk Stories and Master Classes around the world, connecting with audiences far and wide. 

The Talk Story event is a journey of the people and places that have inspired me. The stories will include: the planning, the execution, the life and death adventures whilst working with the world’s best surfers from Gerry Lopez, Tom Carroll to Andy Irons and Kelly Slater.  From crude Plexiglas water housings to filming with an underwater jet ski to capture images that no one had ever done before.  I also share the story of filming one of the 3 most famous surfed waves in surfing history.

It is also a behind the scenes look at what it took to create the images and films.  I consider it a back stage pass into my life’s work.  Accompanied by still photos and film clips (some of which have never been publicly released) this is not a show you will find on YouTube. It is shared with the audience who are invited to ask questions about working with the world’s best surfers or the location of a particular scene.

For camera and film maker buffs I’ll talk about the tools of my trade and for music lovers I’ll share how I choose my soundtracks and the personal relationship I’ve had with some legendary artists including Jack Johnson, Dave Grohl and even a Beatle.

I have approached my art with the best quality possible in film, soundtracks, surfers and equipment and therefore in order to deliver an event like this, I have not compromised on the venue. This is why I have chosen The Octagon Theatre at UWA to deliver an intimate and interactive experience for the audience to benefit fully from the media I will share.

Some may say that the ticket price is at the high end of the range, but I have always wanted to give good value to my supporters. Each ticket purchased will receive a free DVD of one of my films (valued at $40 on my website) that I will be happy to sign at the end of the night.

Finally, I was hoping to have my dear friend Mark Occhilupo join me on stage as a special guest. Unfortunately he has some personal family matters that will prevent him from attending.  I have since asked one of my other heroes, Wayne Lynch, to join us on the night. We worked together on film projects including my film Storm Riders (filmed in the NW of WA) and the opportunity to have an exchange on the night with this surfing legend is as soulful as it gets.

Although I don’t want to say this is my last Hurrah and that I’ll never be back to share my stoke in Perth, the chances maybe slim.  I’m going to be putting my all into an evening that I want to remember myself as the best performance in 40 years.  Hope to see you there.

  - Aloha, Jack



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