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Barz Optics at the homebreaks on the Gold Coast.

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A few disciples . . .

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With bi focal readers in +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 powers – obviously for an older demographic who’ve been neglected by the sunglass industry.

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The Cabba model, three lens options with appeal across age groups and ocean activities.

If you’re interested in the real-deal, check out Barz

18 March 20

Barz Optics is an ocean-obsessed sunglass company from Burleigh Heads, Queensland - and a disclaimer straight off the bat here, they’ve advertised in every issue of PLB magazine since forever, and we appreciate what they do on every level.

Apparently 70% of the world’s sunglass market, manufacturing, and name-brands are owned and controlled by one mega company these days, and Barz Optics remain an independent and inspired small outfit who’s total focus is on making the very best product.

Honcho Kevin Barr is a lifetime surfer, fisherman and boat nut, and this is a company that gives a damn.

We rarely do product plugs in our magazine or on our website or social media (and we get sent plenty), but we’re more than happy to run the latest news from Barz – when it comes to looking after patrons and their eyeballs they’re out to be the best.


“World First” sunglass - unique combination of lens features include:


The photochromic component of the lens adjusts to available UV - in low or no light the lens is a High Definition copper colour Cat1 (around 20% darkness) and as the sun and UV intensify the lens darkens to Cat 3 dark brown (around 75% darkness which is a normal sunglass).

The High Definition really heightens clarity - especially in overcast or low light situations. While the photochromic adjusts so that they could be worn 24 hours of the day.


Polarisation cuts down reflected glare so is ideal for any activity around water or snow, and is particularly great for driving in rain as it cuts down all of the silver shimmer so makes driving safer.

The polarisation allows the wearer to see wind shift on the water’s surface clearly or sand banks and under water debris.

Bi Focal Readers:

There is a small magnified area moulded into the base of the rear of the lens. This enables anyone who wears glasses to view their mobile phone, watch, car instrumentation, a GPS, map, read a newspaper, magazine or menu or to tie fishing tackle without the need to change their glasses.

The convenience of the bi focal lenses for those who require them while sailing has to be seen to be believed.

On the crowd-funding site we are offering the frame fitted with 3 lens options:

- Polarised High Definition with a blue mirror - for anyone who prefers the more sporty look for all activities.

- Polarised High Definition Photochromic - heightens the wearers vision and is a must for competitive sailing.

- Polarised High Definition Photochromic with bi focal readers in +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 powers - obviously an older demographic who in the past have been neglected by the sunglass industry.




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