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Kym Mahoney and her Magic Bus

Here’s to a big heart (and a little business) we much admire:

14 February 18

Over the past 10 years we here at PLB have come to know and be continually surprised by Kym Mahoney from “See You Out There!” surf products and by the extent of her generosity to others.

We became aware of Kym 10 years ago when she kicked off her business “See You Out There!” and booked a couple of little ads in the mag. She’s now run her various surf products in every single issue we’ve done since, which is great for us of course, but through phone calls and bits and pieces we'd picked up on the grapevine we soon came to appreciate Kym on broader levels.

We all know the ocean is a great healer and Kym is aware of that more than most, and goes out of her way to share it with all sorts of people who need a hand, like the lonely in nursing homes, palliative patients, dementia sufferers (which she’s particularly passionate about and specialises in).

Kym has done all sorts of courses and training over time, and now some of her therapies are recognised as quiet revolutionary.

Revolving around the beach, the sea and fresh air, they’ve been recognised by various professionals and institutions, and she now runs some well-received (and actually paid) programs doing what she always done from the goodness of her heart.

We could go on for ages here about her ongoing achievements (while all while keeping her surf hardware business running), but for sure she’ll be squirming if reading this because she doesn’t do it to a get a pat on the back – it’s obvious that for Kym, the act is it’s own reward.


Test the Water – surgery recovery

Surf Cruise Aider – neuro balance board (for those who can no longer surf)

Recreational Activities Officer – her 8 seater minibus road-trips

Ocean Therapy: “It’s a Shore Thing” and “4 Shore” - diversional therapy

Sand Bank - Post Traumatic Stress Recovery

Pat n Chat Pet Therapy

“Aqua Recovery Therapy” ART Of Letting Go.

Aqua Paddle Club… ping pong and surf paddling

Between the Sets – a self-published book of inspiring, positive surf stories



Surfer’s Ear protector - SurfMuff

USA’s H2Odyssey Power Webbed Gloves (sole distributor)

Boots, Hoods

X-Sting-Wish It (amazing balm)

And much more – including the 10th anniversary newie GO BAG DRY BAGS


Why go to a mega multi national!



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