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Image 1 for Here’s a first – a poem about diets and riots, hordes and a new board

Here’s a first – a poem about diets and riots, hordes and a new board

14 January 21

Can’t say we’ve ever run a poem in the magazine or online before, but in these unprecedented (eek!) times, let’s throw it over to PLB reader Casey Harmon, a 46-year-old “dad and frothing fool” from Los Angeles, who sent us this mini masterpiece. Ain’t it funny what a new board can do for you!

TITLE: Taking Delivery of My 8-0 Bing Collector the Day After They Stormed the U.S. Capitol

this insane week

of politics and swell

a messy new mixture

of heaven and hell


a new year, new diet

i’m a healthier man

but going booze-free this month

was a questionable plan


from TV’s images

of the rioting horde

what diverts my attention?

it’s done! my new board!


precautions from covid

being what they are

i had it shipped here

though my shaper’s not far


a board for summer

but i’ll try it sooner

with age comes some freedoms

i’ll go out for a nooner


and here’s a lully weekend

coming in on a vector

the perfect Saturday

to try my Collector


call it a mid-length

but yes, we all know 

i can’t paddle or turn

the way i used to, bro


democracy teeters

on a perilous ledge

but my new 8-0 Bing 

really takes off the edge


when there’s chaos ashore

it can focus the mind

to paddle out for one more

out there in the brine 

  - Casey “Shakespeare” Harmon 


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