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Image 1 for Have you got surfers ear? Pardon? Check out the vid (turn the sound up)

Cold water surfer and long-time exotosis sufferer Connor Coffin.

Image 2 for Have you got surfers ear? Pardon? Check out the vid (turn the sound up)

Have you got surfers ear? Pardon? Check out the vid (turn the sound up)

13 March 24

Well a lot of us have hey, and a disclaimer up front here, this is a blatant plug for the 3.0 version of Surf Ears, the tech little plugs that have been around for a several years now - and many a dodgy-eared surfer will tell you they work a treat (including PLB's ed who won’t surf without them these days).

Latest News from the Leisure Collective: Advancements in the modern wetsuit has enabled surfers to not only start surfing at a younger age but to also endure longer, more comfortable sessions in the water.  Winter and cold water surfing is now more and more attainable to and increasing surfing population.

A downside to all this extra water time is the increasing incidence of Exostosis (Surfers Ear) which is abnormal bone growth in the ear canal known to increase the risks of ear infections and other ear related conditions.

Creatures of Leisure is pleased to release a short video that follows Professional Surfer, Conner Coffin as he travels up to Santa Barbara to visit Dr Hetzler for a follow up examination of his ears to see how he is progressing.  Conner, a long term sufferer of Surfers Ear learns about the condition, the causes, risk factors and the surgery.

 - From Shane Partington, Director of Surf at Creatures of Leisure



Conner Coffin meets with the GOAT of Surfer’s Ear surgery

Pro surfer Conner Coffin has had major issues with his ears since his early 20s. After a lifetime of growing up surfing in cold water, he’d developed the dreaded Surfer’s Ear - bone growth that traps water, impacts hearing and increases the risk of recurring infections. Rather than go into surgery, he opted to manage things through using SurfEars ear plugs instead. Now years later, he’s gone back to Dr Douglas Hetzler, the GOAT of surfer’s ear surgery, to see if the plugs have actually worked.

The verdict is in:

“My sense is that he hasn’t really progressed too much over the several years between our two examinations,” reports Dr Hetzler. “In cold water, warm water, I think he’s pretty good at wearing ear plugs. If he keeps doing it, he may just do fine and have nothing (bone growth) progress and not need any further treatment.”

“Because I’ve really been diligent about making an effort to wear plugs, it’s cool to see that it’s been working,” adds Conner. “Learning about the surgery, I’m like, damn, I really don’t want to do that! The time out of the water and the pain and the recovery. It sounds sort of miserable.”

Dr Hetzler has spearheaded a much better technique for surfer’s ear surgery than the old ‘cut n peel off your ear, then drill’ option from decades past. After becoming concerned with the potential risks, he teamed up with two other doctors from California to develop a more refined chisel option that can be done directly through the ear canal. The technique reduces the risk of hearing loss from the noise of the drill, while also reducing recovery time to weeks instead of months.

Still, weeks on end out of the water isn’t exactly appealing to any surfer. So, better to manage things, or prevent growth altogether.

“As a professional surfer my gear’s super important to me,” says Conner. “From my boards, my wetsuits, my fins, wax, leashes, everything. It’s been nice to be able to incorporate my SurfEars into that and know that I can rely on them when I’m packing up for a trip or a contest.”

 For more info on the best ear plugs for surfers, head here

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