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Got blocked ears after a surf? Pardon?

9 November 21

Well a lot of us have hey, and a disclaimer up front here, this is a blatant plug for the new Drop In Surf eardrops from Creatures – which are designed to dry water in the ear after you get out of the water. 

PLB’s ed has always had trouble with this by the way, and has been using them after every surf for the past month and has finally stopped shaking his head like a border collie with fleas.

The Drop In Surf eardrops are a companion product to Surf Ears, the tech little plugs that have been around for a several years now - and many a surfer with bone growths will tell you they are a blessing. 

 Find more on the Drops here

From Creatures: The Ear Dryer helps dry water in the ear after being in the surf, reducing the chance of bacterial infection (Swimmers Ear). It may also be helpful in the prevention of Surfers Ear (Exostosis). 

The Ear Cleanser helps clear excessive earwax build-up by allowing wax to flow freely unblock naturally. 

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