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Image 1 for Gerry wins the Pilsner from Fine Surfcraft by Andrew Warhurst

Our 84th subscriber board winner Gerry - with the Warhurst Pilsner model. Alright!

Gerry wins the Pilsner from Fine Surfcraft by Andrew Warhurst

11 September 19

When we phoned Gerry Prietto he happened to be driving and his wife Christine answered and put the phone on speaker. We told them he’d just won the subscriber giveaway, the Pilsner model from Fine Surfcraft by Andrew Warhurst no less . . . and amid all the yelling and laughing we couldn’t work out what was going on, think Gerry may have run off the road.

The Prietto’s live in Stockton in Newcastle, and after sending us the photo of the excited boy, Christine said, “Gerry knows everybody, and within an hour of getting the news half the beach knew about him winning the board, by tomorrow everyone in Stockton will know!”

Said Gerry: “I should mention I started in 1959, and I’m 74 now and still standing up, and also on a board (laughs). A couple of my surfing highlights are that on my birthday I went out for a surf here in Stockton with some mates AND my son and two of my grandchildren. It doesn’t get better than that. 

“And also way back in the ’60s, I met and surfed with Phil Edwards one late afternoon at a place in San Juan Capistrano called Poche . . . a private beach, with just him and me and a bloke named Wayne Shaeffer. They were visiting with Walt Hoffman, father of Joyce. There’ve been many other days in the water in lots of places, but those two stand out.

“Needless to say, I’m stoked, and I really HAVE imagined getting the call from you that I got today. Looking forward to trying the Pilsner by Andrew Warhurst out, it looks amazing and I hope to do it justice. Muchos gracias!”

Yes it’s a gem Gerry. Andrew builds all his boards by himself, start to finish, and like all of his "logs" The Pilsner is inspired by the 1966-67 involvement era. With a little more width in the nose and a bit less hip, the Pilsner is user friendly and designed to cover all bases. This is the go-to longboard in the quiver - noserides in those tricky parts and it can really bank a turn.

And it’s all yours Gerry!



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