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Image 1 for Gerry gets his Warhurst Pilsner – our 84th board winner

Gerry emigrated to Australia and to Stockton with wife Christine and four kids in 1980, still here, still loving it, “And still got the Seppo accent, can’t shake it. If I try to bung on an Aussie one it’s a shocker!”

Image 2 for Gerry gets his Warhurst Pilsner – our 84th board winner

Andrew Warhurst road testing the Pilsner. Photo: Mia Sara McKenzie

Gerry gets his Warhurst Pilsner – our 84th board winner

4 November 19

Yep we’ve given away 84 boards to our Australian mag subscribers, even if they are American. Gerry Prietto lives in Stockton in Newcastle but grew up at 16th Street in Manhattan Beach in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. He started surfing there in 1959, like 60 years ago, and he’s still as stoked as any grom.

Hey this board is immaculate, and Andrew Warhurst has been first class all the way. Will do a hot wax on it tonight and will take it out early tomorrow if the ocean is wet! I surf North Stockton mostly out in front of the stairs. This Pilsner is amazing and I hope to do it justice. Muchos gracias!”

Yes it’s a gem Gerry. Andrew builds all his boards by himself, start to finish, and like all of his logs The Pilsner is inspired by the 1966-67 involvement era. With a little more width in the nose and a bit less hip, the Pilsner is user friendly and designed to cover all bases. Have fun!

 Every Australian magazine subscriber is in with a chance to win a top-end board every issue

 Check out Fine Surfcraft by Andrew Warhurst here

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