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Image 1 for David scores the Clearwater Viper – our 83rd subscriber board winner!

That’s the dial of a bloke who just got a phone call saying he’d won a new board.

Image 2 for David scores the Clearwater Viper – our 83rd subscriber board winner!

Paul Scholten nailing Crescent 2018 on the Viper. Pic: Ian Borland

David scores the Clearwater Viper – our 83rd subscriber board winner!

5 June 19

David Sands from Shelly Beach was just a wee bit excited to win the tuned Clearwater Viper tri-fin in our 83rdmagazine subscriber giveaway. 

“I mostly ride logs these days, I’ve got a 9’6” and 10’2” . . . I had a 9’4” performance board but my son borrowed it two years ago and I haven’t seen it since! But I do love swapping between the two big boards, and both have big hatchet fins so if nothing else it’s forced me to learn how to get around on a mal, I can almost turn them haha! I’ve cut back on work and been surfing a lot lately and I’ve never enjoyed life so much. Besides the points we have a lot of beachbreaks around here on the Central Coast . . . so excited, this board is the balance in the quiver for me, the yin and yang!

“I’ve seen a few of this model among the crew around here, and I watched Paul Scholten on his at the Crescent comp last year. I’ve got to thank Steve Del Rosso, and I’m a believer that all of us should be riding boards made locally. Now I’ve just got to keep the young bloke away from it . . . he’ll take it to Newcastle!”

Clearwater’s Steve Del Rosso has been shaping and building surfboards since 1986, and he learnt to do it all old school. These days he’s got a solid little crew of craftsmen working with him at his Currumbin factory, glassing through to finishing, and the entire process is done in-house - building everything from rocket shortboards through to traditional logs.

Steve developed the Viper with his teamriders, and says, “This model has an accelerated tail rocker and a flatter nose rocker than most performance longboards, and it’s all about drive and manoeuvrability off the tail while allowing comp level noseriding.”

And she’s all yours David!

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