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Image 1 for Cracking waves for the Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard Titles – wrap, results & photos

Archie Le Grice, runner-up in both the Junior Open and Logger. All pics: Surfing WA/Majecks

Image 2 for Cracking waves for the Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard Titles – wrap, results & photos

A bomb!

Image 3 for Cracking waves for the Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard Titles – wrap, results & photos

Ryan Clarke, final of the Open Men’s Longboard.

Image 4 for Cracking waves for the Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard Titles – wrap, results & photos

Women’s Open Longboard finalists.

Image 5 for Cracking waves for the Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard Titles – wrap, results & photos

Men’s Logger winner Jack Medland

Cracking waves for the Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard Titles – wrap, results & photos

25 February 19

The opening event of the Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard Titles presented by SunSmart has concluded in large and powerful 4-6 surf at Yallingup Main Break, with broken boards, snapped leashes and bruised ego’s highlighting an action-packed three-day tournament.

15 separate champions were crowned at the spiritual home of longboarding in WA, as over 60 competitors from around the state made the most of groomed swells and mostly light and variable ocean conditions on offer.

WA’s best and most experienced longboarders used each and every inch of their nine-foot plus boards in hopes of qualifying for the Australian Titles in NSW later this year.

Margaret River surf school operator Jarrad Davies (Cowaramup) put his coaching theory into practice, taking out the blue-ribbon Open Men’s final. Davies caught only three waves during the 25-final but was able to amass a combined two-wave total of 14.17 (from a possible 20) which included a heat-high score of 8.67 (from a possible 10).

“It’s been a really memorable event with great surf and plenty of good vibes,”  said Davies. “It’s not every day you get a comp with a decent swell like we’ve had here in Yallingup.”

Coming in second was 2018 Open Men’s State Champion Jack Medland (Marmion), third was Ryan Clark (Dunsborough) and Daniel Holding (Dunsborough) was fourth.

The Open Women’s Longboard division was hotly contested with a considerably young field making the final. The experienced Georgia Young (Perth) came up against local Lauren Williams (Yallingup) and teenagers Gidget Nuenuebel (Denmark) and Zali Corry (Mandurah).

In a see-sawing battle it was the reigning State Champion Georgia Young who was able to grind out a victory. 

“It was really contrasting conditions from this morning,” said Young. “It was victory at sea out there, snapped leashes, big wash throughs and a lot of wind and swell.”

In arguably the most entertaining division of the entire event, Jack Medland (Marmion) showed his style and strutted his swagger to take out the Open Men’s Logger final.

Mixing together traditional manoeuvres with style and flow, Medland posted a combined heat total of 15.17 (from a possible 20) which left his opposition in a combination situation or in need of an excellent score for the win.

“It’s been such a fun event and the waves turned on each day for us,” said Medland. “Today was as good as it gets out there I reckon.”

Scott Trew (Gabbadah) was another standout, picking off the best waves and smashing them to pieces in the Over-40 Men’s final. Using a strong forehand attack, Trew sent buckets of spray on every turn and amass a combined total of 14.23 (from a possible 20).

“All the guys have been surfing so well and it was tough to hear the scores out there so I just kept catching waves hoping I was improving my position,” said Trew. “Each year these events get better and I couldn’t be happier right now.”

All divisions that hit the water as a stiff afternoon sea breeze kicked in did not disappoint. Surfing through lump and bump, Amanda Curley (North Beach) claimed a narrow victory in the Over-40 Women’s division, while Kevin Anderson dominated the Over-45 Men’s final.

South-West surfers in the challenging conditions, with the locals clearly benefitting from their intimate knowledge of the Yallingup line up.

Margaret River’s Doug Carruthers won the Over-50 Men’s division, Mike Neunuebel (Denmark) won the Over-55 Men’s, while Richard Wain (Dunsborough) was a popular winner of the Over-60 Men’s final.

In other results, Neil Thompson (Scarborough) won the Over-40 Men’s Logger final, Katherine Van Kampen (Bicton) won the Open Women’s Logger, with Jacob McIvor (Rockingham) taking out the Under-18 Junior Logger and Under-18 Junior Longboard divisions.

Proving age is no barrier, Stan Davies (Daglish) and Tony Harrison (Albany) took out the most mature competitive divisions, with hard fought victories in the Over-65 and Over-70 Men’s age groups respectively. 

“Longboarding is such an important part of surfing’s history and it was so good to see how well everyone competed alongside one another no matter of their age or gender,” said Surfing WA Events Manager Justin Majeks. “I’m delighted with the outcome of the event and I’m really happy to see the successful introduction of new competition format, as well as the levels of stoke and encouragement on offer for the past three days.”

Robin Somogyvari (Dunsborough) walked away with a brand new Firewire Surfboard, while Zali Corry picked up a brand new Volte Wetsuit after being recognised as the event’s Rising Star.

Jarrad Davies (Cowaramup), Jack Medland (Marmion) and Doug Carruthers (Margaret River) all picked up Air Asia Wave of the Day awards throughout the duration of the event.

After a hugely successful start to the 2019 Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard Titles presented by SunSmart, all eyes now turn towards the second event of the series, which will head to the beautiful beaches of Denmark in May.

Stay tuned to for news, photos and updates relating to the Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard Titles.

The Volte Wetsuits WA Longboard Titles are presented by SunSmart and supported by Healthway, RAC, Air Asia, Firewire Surfboards, Creatures of Leisure, We Are Feel Good Inc, West Coast Suspensions and Surfing WA.


Open Mens Longboard
1st Jarrad Davies (Cowaramup) – 14.17. 2nd Jack Medland (Marmion) – 13.170. 3rd Ryan Clark (Dunsborough) – 13.44. 4th Daniel Holding (Dunsborough) – 9.63
 Open Womens Longboard
1st Georgia Young (Perth) – 11.30. 2nd Lauren Williams (Yallingup) – 8.64. 3rd Gidget Neunuebel (Denmark) – 8.13. 4th Zali Corry (Mandurah) – 1.00
 Open Mens Logger
1st Jack Medland (Marmion) – 15.17. 2nd Lindsay Small (Baldivis) – 11.60. 3rd Scott Trew (Gabbadah) – 8.40. 4th Jacob McIvor (Rockingham) – 6.84
 Open Womens Logger
1st Katherine Van Kampen (Bicton) – 7.76
Over 40 Mens Longboard
1st Scott Trew (Gabbadah) – 14.23. 2nd Brendan Collins (Mandurah) – 13.00. 3rd Robin Somogyvari (Dunsborough) – 8.84. 4th Russell Baker (Geraldton) – 6.34
Over 40 Womens Longboard
1st Amanda Curley (North Beach) – 17.13. 2nd Claire Edwards (Dunsborough) – 17.08. 3rd Belinda Le Grice (East Fremantle) – 14.13. 4th Jane Frigeri (Heathridge) – 3.80 * results based off 2x finals
Over 40 Mens Logger
1st Neil Thompson (Scarborough) – 12.94. 2nd Ryan Egan (Mandurah) – 8.50. 3rd Bill Gibson (Margaret River) – 7.04. 4th Doug Carruthers (Margaret River) – 6.40
 Over 45 Mens Longboard
1st Kevin Anderson (North Fremantle) – 12.30. 2nd Alfonso Puzzarini (Yallingup) – 11.00. 3rd Brendan Collins (Mandurah) – 7.97. 4th Neil Thompson (Scarborough) – 3.50
Over 50 Mens Longboard
1st Doug Carruthers (Margaret River) – 25.43. 2nd Kevin Anderson (North Fremantle) – 25.04 * results based off 2x finals
 Over 55 Mens Longboard
1st Mike Neunuebel (Denmark) – 11.27 . 2nd Barrie McKinnon (Dunsborough) – 10.76. 3rd Brett Merifield (Dunsborough) – 9.24. 4th Neil Anthony Heyward (Heathridge) – 8.80
 Over 60 Mens Longboard
1st Richard Wain (Dunsborough) – 10.54. 2nd Barrie McKinnon (Dunsborough) – 9.93. 3rd Bill Gibson (Margaret River) – 9.53. 4th Mike Neunuebel (Denmark) – 9.17
 Over 65 Mens Longboard
1st Stan Davies (Daglish) – 19.54. 2nd Tony Harrison (Albany) – 12.80. 3rd Gerry Bejarano (Balga) – 2.67 * results based off 2x finals
 Over 70 Mens Longboard
1st Tony Harrison (Albany) – 23.50 . 2nd Mick Marlin (Dunsborough) – 7.60. * results based off 2x finals
 U18 Boys Longboard 
1st Jacob McIvor (Rockingham) – 23.60. 2nd Archie Le Grice (East Fremantle) – 21.23. * results based off 2x finals
U18 Girls Longboard
1st Zali Corry (Mandurah) – 14.36. * results based off 2x finals
U18 Boys Logger
1st Jacob McIvor (Rockingham) – 14.54. 2nd Archie Le Grice (East Fremantle) – 9.93. * results based off 2x finals

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