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Clarification of an Old Mal Rally

30 March 21

Update from Daffy Chisholm following up on some local "feedback" regarding Old Mal gatherings:

To clarify an "Old Mal Rally" under Old Mal Australia guise:

An Old Mal Rally is a gathering of like-minded surfers to head to a designated location & have a free surf. IT IS NOT A Competition.

It is basically a camping outing in specific locations.

An Old Mal Rally has NO flags / hooters / designated surfing times / trophy's or Fame & Gain.... It is just a camping weekend!

Hence the Sandon Rally crew will need to book sites in advance, obviously as usual abide by the National Park guidelines, as usual for all Old Mal Surfers follow good water etiquette & obviously have a Bloody Good Time enjoying the Pristine Natural Location. Obviously the crowd factor is dictated by the availability which means it cannot get overboard in numbers.

In this situation for the Sandon Rally there is limited camping spots that you will need to book well in advance. Also due to limited car parking area the crew that MAY show up will be minimal to say the least.

For the record, last time I checked the Pacific Ocean did not belong to, is dictated, or dominated by any ONE Entity Or a Group Entity, luckily, we still live in Australia, GODS OWN COUNTRY where Surfers can travel & surf anywhere & certain locations have been on the Surfers Journals / Travel list since the 1950"s. A little history lesson!

On July 10.

So if you want to get your " OLD GIRLS WET" at any location, enjoy!

 - Daffy

PS: If you wish to camp at Sandon at Any period during the year it very ADVISABLE to book well in advance.


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