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Cigarette boat gets air on a 15-footer at Ocean Beach, San Francisco

28 November 23

It's that time of year to start pulling out a few greatest hits - so here's a rerun of one of our most watched vids from March this year:

The super expensive Donzi boat is 60-foot long, and while the swell wasn’t massive it was big enough for a comp to be held at Mavericks 30ks south on the same day.

Peter Koff who happened to be filming surfers at Ocean Beach called it a, “A solid 15-feet. Captain Booya was drinking and gave it a full send on the outside set. You can't see the landing but I'm sure it wasn't pretty. Everyone in the boat was hurt except the driver. The hull cracked but it made it back to its dock. According to Boating Magazine, two Donzi models were priced at US $799k and S563k.” 

Vid by Avenue Films @pete_koff

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