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Guarda do Emba├║, the ninth World Surfing Reserve. Applications now open for the twelfth WSR, see link in story below below.

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Beyond great waves - protecting surf ecosystems

22 October 19

Take a look at the Guarda do Embaú World Surfing Reserve, an incredible example of a surf ecosystem. The coast and surrounding lands are a biodiversity hotspot, it contains crucial geophysical factors that contribute to the surf, and it has a strong local culture that values surfing and marine resources.

Save The Waves recently returned to Guarda do Embaú in Brazil to meet with the Local Stewardship Council of the ninth World Surfing Reserve. Conservation Programs Manager Trent Hodges checked in on the progress of the stewardship planning, conservation projects and the dedication on October 25-27th.

What is a surf ecosystem?

Surf ecosystems are integrated natural and social systems, embodying the special relationship between the ocean, waves, watersheds, plants, animals and people. It's all interconnected.

When we protect surf ecosystems, we protect so much more than waves. The Guarda do Embaú World Surfing Reserve requires active conservation strategies to ensure this thriving surf ecosystem remains intact.

Now Accepting Applications for the 12th World Surfing Reserve 

Save The Waves has opened the application process as we look for the next World Surfing Reserve! Submit your local break for consideration in our flagship program that proactively designates and protects the world's most outstanding surf zones. Submission window is open until December 31st.



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