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Image 1 for Auction by the Table of Knowledge Boardriders Club – proceeds for kids with cancer

Club photo from latest ToK BBQ: “The weather was surfer friendly and the food was nourishing and welcome - thanks to the BBQ managers, Curly and Penny.”

Auction by the Table of Knowledge Boardriders Club – proceeds for kids with cancer

20 June 22

Pedigree boards, signed books, posters and photos, and all sorts of stuff - mostly surf-related, although not all. Says the Table of Knowledge (ToK): “C’mon down! Kids bring your parents. Parents bring your kids. Friends bring your friends. Bargain hunters bring your wallets.”

When & Where: Rainbow Bay, June 25. Greenmount Hill end. Auction starts at 9:30am. All are welcome. There are many kids boards on offer. The items for auction will be on display from 8am. Accepting card payments as well as cash.

Parking: It may be an issue at Rainbow Bay itself but easier parking is Greenmount Car Park near the surf club where a walk around the Headland will be acceptable to most. Alternately Hill St behind Rainbow may offer car parking also or Twin Towns Services Club has a free carpark.

Parking is free in most areas around Rainbow, and the BBQ will be operating from 8am.

Here’s the heartfelt news from Bill Scholer – ToK Secretary/Treasurer  (Who's compiling a sequential list of items for offer as in a Lot 1 thru to Lot whatever.)

Dear Friends, 

Our Auction preparations are challenging at times but it is a pleasure to press forward with the clear understanding that what we are attempting to achieve is a better life for youngsters who are growing up with health problems and our particular focus is kids with cancer. It's hard to realise that some of us grow old with good health while there are others whose young life is spoiled by carcinogens. The kids with cancer are always in mind when we implore upon our healthy brothers and sisters to respond with goods we can sell or auction to raise money that trustfully will make such lives just that little bit better.

Over the years we have donated many thousands of dollars to "Kids in Need', "Paradise Kids" and "CanTeen". Our intentions are good and our focus is sincere. We remain proud of not only our Club members but of those outside individuals and entities who have supported our prime objective.

As a matter of fact, after expressing such emotion, I feel compelled to nominate some of those who are making it easy for us to keep on working to help make our Auction a success. 

Freddy Teasdell (ex-Manly NRL) and ToK member was quick off the mark with his donation of a beautifully beat-up 9' mal shaped by Manly boy Daryl Holmes when Daryl was in South Africa in the early 70's. It was Nipper Williams' board more recently. Next donation also came from within ToK when Trevor Brady loaded us up with a fine SUP and carbon fibre paddle as well as five shortboards in great condition.

The Stewart twins, Bill and Tony of Woolsley Surfboards fame have always been staunch ToK members and supporters. Tony Stewart hand painted (how else?) a fantastic portrait of Midget and gave it to us for auction. The twins also loaded us up with surf t-shirts, some of which are really special and will be auctionable. Then the boys gave us a beautiful, yellow 9'1" Matt Keane quad-fin in pristine condition. Their generosity was overwhelming but so welcome.

During the course of expanding awareness about our Auction, we contacted Mark Sutton who knows everyone who surfs. Mark kindly referred us to the Vintage Surfboard Collectors' Glen Bryden who in turn alerted some of his fellow collectors such as Felix, Greggo, et al. Glen told me that a Cronulla VSC colleague, Mathew Ball, had a couple of boards that he would gladly donate, due to our charitable reputation.  I phoned Matty and discovered that he is the nephew of Rodney Ball, an old pal of mine from Manly. Rod was/is a highly respected snow ski instructor and innovative surfboard designer and a great surfer to boot. I met Matty at his home in Cronulla and what a sweet family man is he. Besides the Jim Parkinson shaped Jackson 6'4" thruster and a most unusual and desirable 5'6" Jackson "semi-spoon" kneeboard, Matt upped the ante with a John Lewis "Shady Mountain Shooter" shaped by Alan Blythe. I excitedly drove away from this great guy's Cronulla home with some unexpected beauties. Yeah Boy, Mathew!!

The late, great Johnny Windship, the Quiksilver France maestro, left me some great posters of surfing comps in South Africa announcing the Durban 500 and the Jeffreys pro surfer events.  The large Durban comp poster is signed by Kelly Slater, Beau Emerton, Phil McDonald, Munga Barry, Shane Powell and a couple of other boys. We will auction the posters as a five pack, one of the five being a famous photo of Jeffreys in 1968. It almost brings a tear to your eye when contrasted to the population and housing explosion at Jeffreys.

In order to create the eclectic collection of auction items we included a couple of special surf character books, one being Bob McTavish's "Stoked" scribed by Tim Winton and hand signed by Bob and the other is the extraordinary "MP Untold" written by Sean Dougherty. It is about what we didn't know about Michael Petersen. A very kind Michael Gaskill offered these two great books to us.

To further extend the eclectic nomination, we will offer a 5-poster 1983 Americas Cup promo pack as well as three beautifully framed, original European paintings, the Midget original from Tony Stewart, another fine original painting from ToK member Robert (Bobby) Farley of MP locked in to a Kirra drainer, three classic 60's Jack Eden limited edition, signed photos of one of each Bobby Brown, John Coleman and The Farm. There are other attractive and colourful prints of North Queensland environments and a fishing tournament trophy featuring a Mahi Mahi surrounded by flying fish, all carved timber. Bill "Frosty" Frost kindly loaded us up with a new home exercise machine and numerous other household items, some of which we will simply sell rather than auction.

There are a few more shortboards for kids and a surf air-mat that were received the other day, Thank you Jay Kilburn for them and for all the help with our Auction promotions and Facebook postings. Former SurfWorld Chairman, Rob Ryan has been a vital ally in a number of areas relating to auction payments and other internet issues.  John Brasen, the Editor of the popular Pacific Longboarder magazine has helped us considerably with our Auction promotion as has Sean McKeown, who has given us so much sage advice and has even offered us to borrow much of his surf contest furniture and equipment.  Without diminishing any of the heavy support from all these characters, both donors and advisers, Sean's generosity of time and expertise is exemplary. 

Glen Rawlings, Johnny Charlton and John Finlay are also spreading the word of our Auction and we are deeply grateful to them for their advice and referrals. Keep an eye out for Reggie Prasad's posts. He is so supportive of our Club as he knows that whatever profit we generate is destined for kids with cancer. That is our Club's tradition and, over the years, we have felt great pride in our support. This auction exercise is no different with 100% of profit destined to assist children with cancer.

That’s about all I can express at this time, although I will add that it is my personal privilege to be associated with the Table of Knowledge Boardriders Club and its supporters who understand and appreciate the Club’s philosophy.

I wish Love, Good Health, Prosperity and Happiness to you and your loved ones.

Yours faithfully, Bill Scholer – Secretary/Treasurer -

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